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What we’re about

What is the #ConvvergeCommunity?

Convverge firmly believes in investing in the technology community in Alberta.  The #ConvvergeCommunity is dedicated to sharing ideas about how to maximize your investment in Microsoft-based enterprise solutions.  We have been fortunate enough to work with innovative clients and projects alike and want to begin sharing what we've learned, what we've seen, and our clients' success stories.  

What does this mean for you?

Sign up to receive emails translating Microsoft marketing material into real-world examples and how-to's of cloud, business intelligence, process automation, business transformation and intranet implementations.

For those who learn through facilitation, you will be invited to a curated, monthly webinar series organized into two tracks designed to Revv Up or Perk Up your business:

Revv Up shows executives how to unlock the value of Microsoft tools and innovations at a high level for your organization.

Perk Up
sneaks peaks at what can be done with Microsoft technology, what’s coming down the pipe, and of course what products are being retired for professionals who are hands-on with the Microsoft Enterprise Stack, every day.

The #ConvvergeCommunity is dedicated to providing you with actionable information - but what makes it different than other groups?  We aspire to be community led.  That means we NEED your support in sharing your lessons learned, success, co-presenting, providing feedback for topics, events and formats that would benefit YOU. 

As the Microsoft landscape evolves so quickly, we are dedicated to building a community where we all share in each others' successes, learn from our mistakes and share great ideas.