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This group is for meeting other like-minded, spiritually-oriented people. All religions and paths are welcome. If you consider yourself a spiritual person and want to meet others, learn, interact, share, discuss, and just kick back and have a good time ... this is the group for you!

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Quaker Meeting House

Please join us to read and discuss spiritual poetry Saturday July 20th from 4:00-6:00pm. We average 12-14 people from several groups, and share spiritual poetry, wisdom quotes, light refreshments, and thoughts, feelings and insights inspired by the readings. We'd love to hear from you what poem or quote is meaningful to you - Do you love Rilke, Hafez, Mary Oliver, Rumi, Alice Walker, Thich Nhat Hanh, Mirabai, Neruda, Hildegard of Bingen, Thomas Merton, Nâzım Hikmet, or...? Let's learn from each other as we read and discuss these invitations to what is higher and deeper. You can come with something you pick ahead of time, pick something from the many books we have on hand, or just relax and join us without choosing to read something. To see lists of readings and topics from past meetups, please go to https://www.meetup.com/Santa-Monica-Spiritual-Poetry-Meetup/events/past/ and scroll to the "Comments" section for each meetup. All paths and views are welcome -- this is an open and welcoming space where we meet and get to know others who share a love for spiritual poetry and wisdom quotes, and for that which connects us more deeply with spiritual life, regardless of spiritual path or personal history. Getting together in this way allows us to communicate on a deeper level and truly meet each other. Feel free to bring a small snack or finger food if you wish. (P.S. For the poets among us, we are grateful to you for bringing your insights, but please understand this is a space where we read others' poems and wisdom quotes, not our own work.) We hope you can join us! Date & Time: Saturday, July 20th, 4:00pm Location: Quaker Meeting House, 1440 Harvard Street, Santa Monica 90404 The Quaker Meeting House is on Harvard Street a half block south of Santa Monica Boulevard, between Santa Monica Boulevard and Broadway. Free parking - Enter the parking lot through the front driveway, accessible from Harvard Street next to the Meeting House, and park at the back of the lot in the row closest to the alley.


International Centers of Divine Awakening, and Live Online

*RSVPs do not represent actual attendance. We average 25-40 people at Discourses (includes in-person & online). SPIRITUAL DISCOURSE WITH ICODA FOUNDER SWAMI PREMODAYA (http://www.i-coda.org/swami-premodaya/) Join us in person or online! Swami Premodaya's weekly Discourse is held at the International Centers of Divine Awakening (ICODA), Los Angeles. ICODA supports and promotes the growth of the individual's innate spirituality through providing individual guidance, through organizing and holding public events and spiritual retreats, and through disseminating information regarding personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening. For more information about programs and services offered by I-CODA, vist (http://www.i-coda.org/). LOCATION: 2744 Colby Avenue Los Angeles CA 90064 (and available live online (http://www.i-coda.org/participating-online)) COST: By donation Video Excerpt: https://youtu.be/wx6pXhnFrRE www.I-CODA.org www.I-CODA.org/schedule (http://www.i-coda.org/schedule) www.I-CODA.org/discourse (http://www.i-coda.org/premodaya-spiritual-discourse/)

Architecture of Shamanism
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The Universe has continuity, and that continuity includes the flow, processes, and structure of our minds and the cosmos within which we operate. Shamanic experience is just that -- experiential -- an awakening into subtler realms which were always there, though typically neglected, underdeveloped, and in want of freeing from within our being to flourish in every realm of life. Shamanic intuitional practice makes this more ubiquitous in our conscious life. I'll show the architecture by which shamanism operates and present how you can be better prepared for intuitional development, mystical experiences, siddhis, gestalts and other quantum leaps into the fifth dimension and beyond for safe and joyous experiences.

James Hyman's Deep Emotional Release Private Sessions/Practitioner Training

Experience and learn the basics of a profound system of emotional healing, Deep Emotional Release Bodywork with founder, James Hyman Los Angeles: Redondo Beachfront Location: Friday - Sunday; June 1 - 3rd, 2012; 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Private Sessions of Deep Emotional Release Bodywork and Quantum Theta Healing with Shaman Healer, James Hyman can be transformational, healing and in many cases, life-changing. A 3-Day Intensive is sure to be all three. During this 3-day workshop you will: Experience and witness deep states of emotional release, emotional healing, and new insight Learn how the emotional energy centers of the body and the subconscious mind contribute to negative patterns and negative perception of reality. Identify and release, and learn to release in others, blocked energy associated with past trauma that is held in the body and the subconscious mind. Experience and learn the true nature of deep emotional release. Learn as you heal your own deep, traumatic issues and experience bliss, joy, unconditional love, and a profound sense of well-being. Join James Hyman at a beautiful beachfront condo for a comfortable weekend, where you will heal your deepest issues and learn and experience a powerful system of healing. For more information, call or email Barbara, (323)[masked], or [masked] or visit, http://www.emotionalrelease.com/

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International Centers of Divine Awakening, and Live Online

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