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Coldfront community day - ML Extravaganza
This time we have a special event as a part of Coldfront community day ( and in collaboration with GDG Copenhagen ( You should register as an attendee on the GDG event by following this link: There will be a couple of popular speakers attending this workshop: Sarah Drasner ( Tore Knudsen ( Agenda: 16:30 - Arrival 17:00 - Welcome 17:15 - Machine Learning as a design tool by Tore Knudsen 17:45 - Break 18:15 - Live and Machine Learn by Sarah Drasner 18:45 - Networking 20:00 - Goodbye See you there and remember to sign up for the CopenhagenJs November meetup: Kevin & Paul


Rued Langgaards Vej 7 · Copenhagen