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Core C++ 2023 - Pre-Opening Evening with THREE great opening talks

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Amir K. and 4 others
Core C++ 2023 - Pre-Opening Evening with THREE great opening talks


We are happy to invite all C++ enthusiastic developers to join our pre-opening evening of the Core C++ 2023 conference.

(Link to the Core C++ 2023 conference:

This pre-opening event is open for all, whether you are registered to the conference or not. However, registration to the event here, in this meetup page, is required for anyone who wishes to join!

Note that this event is happening at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo, while the next two days of the main Core C++ conference are this year at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque.

17:00-18:00 - Mingling, light dinner and pre-registration for the conference*
(* For those who are registered to the conference and want to get their tags in advance to avoid the waiting line tomorrow).

18:00-18:10 - A few opening welcome words

18:10-18:40 - David Sankel: The Semicolon is a Lie

18:40-19:10 - Inbal Levi: Catch me if you can - future C++ is coming your way

19:10-19:40 - Bryce Adelstein Lelbach: AI-Assisted Software Engineering

Talks Details:

David Sankel: The Semicolon is a Lie

This is a talk about how hardware manufacturers, language designers, and API writers have twisted developer expectations in a never-ending quest for higher performance. We'll cover instruction pipelining, compiler reordering, and speculative compiler optimizations. You should walk away from this talk with a greater appreciation for how these crazy machines called computers work, and a view of how programming will evolve in the coming years.
David Sankel is a Principal Scientist at Adobe, an active member of the C++ Standardization Committee and a frequent speaker at C++ conferences, specializing in large-scale software engineering and advanced C++ topics. David’s interests include dependently typed languages, semantic domains, EDSLs, and functional reactive programming. He is the project editor of the C++ Reflection TS, Executive Director of the Boost Foundation, and an author of several C++ proposals including pattern matching and language variants.

Inbal Levi: Catch me if you can - future C++ is coming your way

The C++ language is moving fast! In this talk, we will briefly review a few of the most significant future C++ features, and how they will integrate with your code. We will focus on 4 major direction papers, setting the tone for C++: Contracts, Tools Ecosystem, Senders/Receivers, and Enhanced Metaprogramming. Join us to find out what the future holds for C++.
Inbal Levi is a Lead Software Engineer at MPGC Services Ltd (Millennium) with a passion for high performance, readability, and software design. She is an active member of the ISO C++ Standards Committee as a co-chair of Library Evolution, chair of SG9 (Ranges group), and the chair of the ISO C++ Israeli NB. Inbal is also a director at ISO C++ foundation and puts effort into evolving both the local and international C++ community, as an organizer of the Core C++ conference and user group, and as the program chair of C++ Now.

Bryce Adelstein Lelbach: AI-Assisted Software Engineering

As a large language model, I have seen the future of software engineering, and it's AI-assisted. Welcome to the world of AI-Assisted Software Engineering. In this talk, my colleague Bryce will present an overview of the latest AI tools that are revolutionizing the way software engineers write code and solve problems, with a special focus on how these tools can benefit C++ developers.The emergence of large language models like GPT has opened up exciting new possibilities in software engineering. Tools like GitHub Copilot have shown that AI can be a game-changer for code generation, helping developers write code faster and more efficiently than ever before. Meanwhile, AI-powered root-cause analysis tools like ChatDBG, cwhy, and profilers can help developers identify and fix problems in their code more quickly and accurately than ever before.AI-assisted software engineering will transform the way developers work, making it easier to write better code. Bryce and I are excited about the potential of these tools to evolve the way we build software, and we're thrilled to share our insights with you at this C++ conference. So come join us and let's explore the future of software engineering together! [ Note: This abstract was co-authored by GPT-4. ]
Bryce Adelstein Lelbach is a Principal Architect at NVIDIA where he leads programming language standardization and drives the technical roadmap for NVIDIA's HPC and Quantum compilers and libraries. He is the chair of both INCITS/PL22, the US standards committee for programming languages, and the Standard C++ Library Evolution group, as well as editor for the INCITS Inclusive Terminology Guidelines. He is also one of the founding developers of the HPX parallel runtime system.

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