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What we’re about

Welcome to the Meetup for the Corridor Secularists - a meetup for those individuals and families with a religion-free worldview roughly in Iowa City / Coralville area. 

The intent of this Meetup is to form a community of atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers, and other non-religious persons or families within the Iowa City / Coralville area. If you are searching for just such a community or are interested in learning more about the views of our members, then join us:

• Here or on our Facebook page (link below).

• In person at our monthly coffee or monthly dinner to discuss current events, for secular support, and without having to censor yourself about the 'sacred'.

• To lampoon a religious movie, or for the tasteful hedonism of one of our 'match girl scout cookies to beers or wines' nights.

. . . we look forward to meeting you!


Corridor Secularists was established with the help of the Iowa Secularists, a statewide nonprofit. If you are interested in getting assistance to start a local group in your area, please contact the Iowa Secularists at

PS: If you visit Cedar Rapids often, then after joining our group be sure to also join the Corridor A-Team (a secular social group), or the Humanists of Linn County (a secular discussion and activism group).

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