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What we’re about

Cosefan...An Art Paradise
Cosefan is a heaven for art’s connoisseurs and artists. Our main value is innovation, and we aim to create an art community that is based on respect, creativity, and passion. Cosefan is located in Riyadh-Diriyah, but open to the world, with the following features:
1. Has an exhibition.
2. Offers courses/shows of art (eg. painting, Arabic calligraphy, sculpture, architecture, literature, films, performing, etc) and the seven liberal arts (grammar, logic, rhetoric, music, etc).
3. Has a specialty coffee.
4. Is a plant nursery.
5. An online arm that has art news, point of sale, subscriptions and several features.

يمنع دخول البطاريق والأطفال Penguins and children prohibited to enter
التصوير ممنوع في حدود كوزفن Photos and videos are prohibited in Cosefan area

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