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You arrive at this page not by accident. Whether you are seeking to meet like minded people, to increase vibration/frequency or exploring the question "who am I", and "why am I here", you are in the right place.

Lightworkers, Wanderers, Seekers On the Path and all Awakening Beings, be part of the vision as we collectively create a Place of Gathering where all are welcomed unconditionally to participate, exchange and create a new world vision of Planetary Unity, Harmony and Peace. The Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light which serves Sarasota and Manatee Counties and the world through healing, education, and enlightenment, embraces the New Paradigms of our Awakening Consciousness. The Center offers many weekly and special events and classes that are educational, uplifting and transformational for spiritual seekers, whether beginning your journey or well along the path. Join others who share the journey and the vision as we welcome you to this special place.

In addition to our ongoing programs, we strive to host gifted and well known spiritual teachers whose training and presence further enhance our growth and evolution. These have included Jorge Luis Delgado, South American Shaman featured on the History Channel's Ancient Alien Series, Author of Andean Awakening -An Inca Guide to Mystical Peru, Internationally known Master Kuo (master and teacher of the TAO) and Saryon (Michael White), spiritual teacher and channeler of Ascended Masters, Galactic beings and Angelic realms, William Henry of (History Channel's Ancient Alien Series) Abdy, healer and teacher of Panche Desai, Ladamira and Lilelle, Siberian Shamans of the Ancient Aryan Traditions, and many more renowned Global Teachers of Higher Learning

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You will find an amazing array of workshops at the Cosmic Center. Reiki, healing, yoga and many wonderful metaphysical classes are offered. BE SURE TO JOIN OUR MEETUP GROUP AND EMAIL LIST TO RECEIVE TIMELY ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW EVENTS.

http://www.ccosl.com (http://www.cosmiccenterofspirituallight.com/)

NOW ACCEPTING SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP TO THE COSMIC CENTER OF SPIRITUAL LIGHT - YOU ARE THE LIGHT. COME AND BE PART OF THE VISION! Membership packages available at the Center. Cosmic members are entitled for various discounts, field trips etc. -


Cosmic Gifts, Books And More open during office hours, following services and most classes. We have an array of gifts, jewelry, crystals, salt lamps and books available.

Cosmic Sound Productions providing Audio Services;Productions, Recording Demo's/Duplication, Sound Reinforcement. Original Music available for your meditations, etc. For more information and prices call Cosmic Center office.

Violet Flame Healing Chamber is available during office hours, after services and by appointment.

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Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light 5041 Ringwood Meadow, Bldg G-25 Sarasota, FL 34235

General Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 11AM - 3PM Call to schedule an appointment (941)371-9333

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$15 Donation per session or purchase 5 sessions for $50

Hatha Yoga with Pauline Dimitry

Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light

Learn the art of classical Hatha Yoga, a gentle, transformative practice helps maintain balance in life. Suitable for all ages and experience. $10 Donation


Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light

Join Rev. Bonnie Witherspoon every Thursday for an hour of gratitude, praise and prayer to the Living God, the God of Gods, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. Using the myriad names of God, we will offer up prayers of gratitude for the grace and blessings bestowed upon us. No matter whom we perceive ourselves to be; no matter what we have and no matter who has wronged us or whom we have wronged. It is critically important that we do the following: First, we must pray ceaselessly. For those who have difficulty praying alone, coming together with others is a very powerful act. Using the names of God in our prayers raises our vibration and strengthens our connection with the Divine. Second, we must practice forgiveness. Forgiveness frees us from negative and limiting thoughts and opens us to receiving more of God’s goodness and mercy. Third, is gratitude. Cultivating and adopting an attitude of gratitude opens us to even more blessings and more love in all its expressions. We will sanctify the Name of God. Ω and pray for the healing of the Earth. We will pray for the earth, world peace and planetary peace for the healing of our loved ones and ourselves.

Shamanic Healing w/ Eric

Cosmic Center of Spiritual Light

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