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You broke free of the cubicle, so why are you always working at home alone?


Cowork LA makes escaping the home office easy. Over the past five years, we've hosted over 400 coworking events! Now, we bring you more than 15 chances a month to meet driven and passionate people while having a productive day at professional coworking spaces in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Culver City and Thousand Oaks.

"What is coworking?" you ask. Well, you could say "It's getting work done in a shared workspace with cool people all around you." But, that might sell the concept short… Coworking is just as much about community as it is about getting work done. The rules of coworking are simple:

    Come ready to work!

    Introduce yourself when you arrive, and let the group know if you need to be left alone to focus.

    Save networking for lunch time or happy hour.

Bring headphones to dowse audible distractions. Having headphones on means "do not disturb." Respect your coworkers by limiting conversation, and moving away from the group for calls longer than 5 minutes.

Every coworking space is different. Try a few Cowork LA events to find the coworking personality that works best for you. Look forward to meeting you soon, and until then…have a productive day!


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