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What we’re about

Do you need to have more contact with other professionals, beyond lunchtimes at CPD events or chats at the coffee machine?

This is an opportunity to meet in a small informal group with an open structure but with the purpose of providing you with the chance to discuss any issues that come up in our work.


• We create the agenda each time, as we go. 

• We’ll start the meeting with a ‘check-in’ space (‘how are you this evening, and is there anything you’d like to discuss?’)

• We'll start the meeting using a talking stick.

• If we’re still stuck for things to talk about I’ll provide a ‘lucky dip’ with some open questions to help us launch our discussion.

The vibe 

I don’t know what the vibe will be like because each meeting is a unique one-off, but here’s what I hope:

•   Anything can be said, in a spirit of curiosity, reflectiveness and embracing whatever comes up into our minds…. ….including when we don’t understand it, or think what we’re saying might not ‘stack up’. 

• It's a group space to support us in our work

• We come here in order to best serve our clients and also to support and care for ourselves


I want this to be a safe space where we can be open about anything that comes up for us relating to our work and how we are in our work. Therefore,

1. Please do not repeat anything from the meeting to other people in such a way that other folks can be identified.

2. Further than the above, please try to resist any temptation to repeat personal material from the group (even when it's anonymised): please refer to your own experience of yourself instead.


Each meeting is a one-off: you don’t have to commit to anything other than the one you sign up to. I guess I’ll host these meetings about once a month.
It's possible that the group may develop into a closed group, but at the moment it's open to you.

Each meeting will be a maximum of 8 people. This is so that we
1. Each have a good chance of talking as well as listening, and
2. Don’t have to deal with being in a big group of other professionals and any feelings that brings up.

Open to
… any therapist or counsellor.
… any trainee therapist or counsellor who is already seeing clients.
… working in any setting, whether privately, in a school, company or agency.
… working with individuals, couples or groups.



Oakwood House,
637 Roundhay Road,


• Oakwood House is the first floor offices above the Home Bargains store: the building is between Preston Baker Estate Agents and Oakwood Solicitors, and diagonally opposite Rico’s restaurant.
• The entrance to Oakwood House is on the left-hand side of the building, as you stand with your back to Roundhay Road


Richard Mills