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C++ Edinburgh Workshop - C++17

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NOTE: £5 deposit will be returned in full on attendance to the event.

It's finally here - C++ Edinburgh's first workshop for local C++ developers!

C++17 is the latest published version of the C++ standard, packed full of new language and library features to help you write expressive, safe, high performance C++. At this workshop, we'll take you through all of these exciting changes, from static-if to std::filesystem, and give you the opportunity to experiment with modern C++ in the company of fellow local C++ developers.

This workshop is a full day event and will include both presentations and practical sessions. Lunch and snacks will be provided throughout the day. Here's the current schedule:

09:30–09:45 - Welcome
09:45–10:30 - Part 1: Language Features
10:30–10:45 - Break
10:45–11:45 - Part 1: Hands-on
11:45–12:30 - Part 2: Metaprogramming
12:30–13:00 - Lunch
13:00–14:00 - Part 2: Hands-on
14:00–14:45 - Part 3: Vocabulary Types
14:45–15:45 - Part 3: Hands-on
15:45–16:00 - Break
16:00–17:45 - Part 4: Parallelism and Filesystem
16:45–17:45 - Part 4: Hands-on
17:45–18:00 - Wrap up

NOTE: Laptops will be required for the event. Don't forget to bring a charger! Information about setting up your laptop so that you can follow along with the hands-on activities is here:

The content of this workshop will be most suitable for developers who have some experience with C++ but are looking to learn about the new features available to them in C++17. Some familiarity with modern C++ features from C++11/14 would be great, but not necessary.

We require a £5 deposit for attendance to this event, which will be returned to you in full when arriving at the event. This is purely to have greater certainty of attendance by those who RSVP to the event. Sorry for an inconvenience! If for any reason you are not able to pay the £5 deposit, please get in touch via or email us at and we'll sort things out for you!

C++ Edinburgh aims to provide a positive, welcoming, and friendly environment for everyone. Above all, we want you to come along and enjoy yourself! Please see our Code of Conduct ( for more information.

This event is very kindly being sponsored by Canon Medical and Codeplay. Many thanks to them for allowing this event to happen!

Any other questions about the event, please get in touch on, email us at, or send a tweet/direct message to @cppedinburgh.
38 Castle Terrace, EH3 9DZ · Edinburgh
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