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Every two weeks Craft Beer Club gathers to taste the latest local offerings. Including:

• Newstead/Teneriffe. Newstead Brewery or Green Beacon with food trucks.

• West End. Brisbane Brewing Co, Bosc,Archive Bar or The Catchment.

• South Brisbane. Tippler's Tap for ribs night or Saccharomyces.

• Milton. Aether Brewing or The Scratch bar who do BYO food.

• City. Brewski on Caxton but theres new places open all the time.

• Valley. Woolly Mammoth, BloodHound Bar and occasionally Netherworld.

OR any other venues suggested by members. Check our calendar regularly for updates.

You can get it sour. You can get it fruity. You can get it any old how. As a matter of fact, I've got it now!

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Canada Day (Eh) @ Saccharomyces in Southbank

Saccharomyces Beer Cafe

Saccharomyces in Fish Lane (http://goodbeercentral.sbcbar.com/main) is doing their annual Canada Day Eve Celebrations again (https://www.facebook.com/events/2303283426623413/), so thought we would make it 3 years in a row in attendance. From the their event blurb: From the country that brought us ice hockey, poutine and Justin Trudeau, and made maple syrup infamous. We are celebrating all things Canadian in honor of our wonderful, polite and under-the-radar type friends from the other side of the globe Join us on Sunday June 30 for an all-out Canadian sensory assault. We will be serving a Canadian inspired menu alongside brews from some of the best independent Canadian breweries. Featuring beers from LTM - Les Trois Mousquetaires microbrasseurs (LES TROIS MOUSQUETAIRES BREWING), SUPERFLUX BEER COMPANY, Collective Arts Brewing, 2 Crows Brewing, Brasserie Dunham, and Fairweather Brewing Company. As well as the authentic Canadian brews we'll also be serving Canadian National drink, THE CAESAR! THE BEERS Les Trois Mousquetaires - Kellerbier Les Trois Mousquetaires - Port Baltique 2018 (Brandy & Bourbon) Superflux - Colour and Shape NEIPA Collective Arts - Life in the Clouds NEIPA 2 Crows - Dare to Dream Dark Saison Dunham - Saison Du Pinacle Dunham - Dragonfruit Berliner Fairweather - Fream Pop Kettle Sour CAESAR We have managed to our hands on some authentic Canadian Clamato Juice! Our Caesar will have 45ml of vodka, loaded with ice and topped up with Clamato in a Boston glass with a celery salted rim garnished with celery stalk. Want more? You can choose to pimp out this already amazing drink with fried chicken and bacon wrapped jalapeno garnish! Pretty epic , Eh? FOOD MENU CANADIAN BACON ME CRAZY maple syrup candied bacon OG POUTINE Real cheese curd with gravy CANADIAN PIZZA (mozzarella , mushroom , pepperoni , bacon , tomato sauce) MAPLE SYRUP CANDIED SMOKED PORK RIBS

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