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Relationship Enhancements Fostering Emotional Growth Workshop
This is once-in-a-month workshop focusing on different important elements of our relationships, which deeply effect our joys, moods, inspirations, fulfilment, and overall life itself. Sherree is an experienced, seasoned, licensed Psychotherapist who integrates holistic practices and energy work effectively such as Pranic Healing. The workshop addresses and some of the fundamental questions surrounding around relationships, such as: * How do you want to feel about yourself? * Do you crave approval or permission form others as a form of self validation? * Do you internalize your emotions or externalize them? * How to meet Social expectations Cultural/religious connotations * What are your current coping mechanisms? Where do they originate? * Are you living authentically? Are you afraid to? * How you feel empowered and how can you empower others? * What is your core belief about your own SELF or CHANGE? Relationships with your childhood family and surrounding environments can leave you wanting more but you can’t describe what that is (invisible emotional hunger). Family interactions shape our personality early in life (attachment styles). Current Relationships are affected by early life experiences and what you bring to heal yourself. Differentiation is letting go of old beliefs that do not serve you now (a therapeutic process). About Sherree: Sherree Lynn Pecci is an experienced, licensed clinician, a relationship, couples and marriage therapist, who works holistically with those who wish to find clarity in their lives. She is inspired to do this work because of her own life journey. She is able to listen and understand people. She is dedicated and compassionate worker who cares deeply for the people. She has worked with people who struggle with relationships, spiritual issues, family problems, job-related issues, women's' issues, and help those who wish to improve their communication skills. She also specialize in anxiety disorders and problems with living with chronic illness. She has a mindfulness approach and is very positive, energetic, empathic, persistent with a lot of life experience to share which you can identify with and enhance your life, health, relationships and overall well-being. Contact: For any questions or comments reach Manu at[masked] (M) or [masked]

Creatam Holistic Center

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What we're about

This group is for people who are interested in Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality and Life in general. The group is open for all levels including people who just have a curiosity to check out and have never tried Yoga or Meditation before. Main motivation is to see people benefiting from simple, natural and scientifically proven effective holistic techniques.

Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual practices can make huge profound difference in your life for the better making living more purposeful, meaningful, and fulfilling.

Some of the key objectives of the group are:
* Regular meeting other local people who practice Yoga, Meditation, and other holistic modalities.
* Experiencing different techniques, philosophies and schools of thought.
* A place for people who are absolute beginners, an opportunity to try Yoga & Meditation first hand.
* Inviting speakers and guests giving demonstrations to enrich our group with their knowledge and expertise.

For more information, please visit call Manu at 732-404-7000 (M) or email at

May Yoga, Meditation, and Spirituality bring the necessary balance, creativity, bliss, fulfillment and enlightenment for you!

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