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The purpose of this group is to offer a space for those who want to create all the things about city living that we would most love to live with. That would include access to fresh, healthy food, clean water, clean air, educational opportunities, lots of art, music, dance and theatre, parks and nature, community gathering places, community gardens, decent mass transit, and healthy neighborhoods. What is your vision of what Clearwater could be?

We currently have "Green Mixers" every third Tuesday at Moccasin Lake Nature Park at 6 PM. Every month, we meet more great people at these.

A few of us are working on some projects to revitalize the downtown area. We have some great ideas in the works, and are looking for more people to play with. What would you like to see happen downtown?

We are interested in getting community gardens going and there is some great news on that front too. We'll keep you updated here.

We want to know what is important to you and what you would like to see happen in this city, so please, let us know!

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Online Permaculture Design Course 2022 Start

Our Permaculture Farm

In person and online Permaculture Courses: We are offering an in person Permaculture Design Course starting second weekend in Sept, delivered on our permaculture farm and in St Pete, and an online version starting Jan 15, 2022. We have the longest running Permaculture Design Course in Florida and focus on practical application to ensure you are successful with your own site or in a career. Also, we offer a free intro course online! Our certificate is endorsed by Permaculture Institute of North America. Early bird rates through end of July for the in-person course, see
https:// growpermaculture.com or[masked] for more info.

We have received many requests to offer an online version from people whose schedules don’t match up with our in-person courses or who prefer to study online. This course can be studied at your own pace, with a focus on your own site design. Creating the opportunity for a participatory and hands-on experience is important to us, so we include
practical exercises that you perform on your own site. In addition we have live Q and A sessions and personal mentoring with instructors and you will be able to share your experience with instructors and other students via photos, essays or videos.

In addition we have added some exciting learning modules to the online version and other extras, including units with experts covering various topics. The course will address strategies for drylands, temperate, tropical and other climates based on the significant knowledge and experience of our instructors working in those climates and will also have bonus sections focused specifically on Florida/subtropical climate because of how unique the ecosystem is in Florida. Many of these techniques are very useful in multiple climates and we explain how and why.

For online details see https://learn.growpermaculture.com

Dive Into Permaculture --- Cutting Edge of Sustainable Gardening & Preparedness!

This fantastic three-hour free interactive workshop will cover what permaculture can do for you and for society from a number of different angles. We will introduce principles that you can use with your own gardening or home or community, to grow healthy food, and create more resilience and abundance. You will learn specific permaculture techniques you can apply immediately to increase abundance for yourself and loved ones while helping the environment. Permaculture design gives you the tools to:

Grow healthy, organic food with little maintenance needed, by working with nature
Use permaculture principles even in an apartment or condo
Reduce costs of living
Tap into or help build supportive community networks
Achieve more economic stability
Design your life toward more health and abundance Join us at this information, lively and interactive lecture. Speaker: Koreen Brennan

Koreen is a permaculture and edible landscape designer and is in demand as a keynote and transformational speaker on the subject of abundant living. DATE and LOCATION TBD

RSVP and/or comment below to indicate your interest, ideal place in Clearwater, and dates and we'll set up the time and place from there.

Can't wait to meet you in person!

For more info contact [masked], or call[masked]

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Six Month Hands-On Permaculture Design Course 2021

Our Permaculture Farm

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