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Events that involve drawing & other artistic activities! Typical events are portrait drawing, life drawing, sketching at bars, cafes, museums and parks. The events are intented to artists or art lovers and they are usually free! New event suggestions are welcome too!

Website - http://creativesessions.art/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pg/CreativeSessions/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/icreativesessions/ (https://www.facebook.com/CreativeSessions/)

Upcoming events (4+)

Painting Workshop - Watercolor, Oil, Acrylics

Link visible for attendees

Paint using your prefered art material in this workshop while a tutor is helping you out. The art tutor will be creating at the same time his personal paintings. You may also just watch.

Participants will have to work on their own creations by using a material of their choice such as pencils, watercolors, oil colors, acrylics, ink or pastels.

Who is this for?
Anyone can gain something from this workshop. From beginners to professionals. The goal is to work together and have some feedback at the same time.

Who is the tutor?
Art tutor for the event is the visual artist Miltos Despoudis.
Website - miltosdespoudis.gr/portfolio
Instagram - @miltosthings

Tickets - Free or Donation
The workshop is free. Please consider buying a Donation ticket on Eventbrite if you want to support us.
Eventbrite for more tickets and donations is below:

I want to just watch. How do I do it?
You can find the live stream on either our Instagram or Facebook Page.
Instagram @icreativesessions
Twitch @miltosthings

I want to participate. How do I do it?
If you want to participate you will need to join the Zoom Meeting. The zoom link is in the description. You will need an active webcam and microphone. The video call will be made via Zoom.

More Info
There is a dedicate page for more info about this workshop. Slowly more content will be added there:

Refund Policy
If you purchased a paid ticket you can request a full refund up to 1 day before the events starts. Nevertheless, if you have any problem let us know. We are humans too!

Artist's Hangout - The Board Game Night

Needs a location

A hangout for the members of Creative Sessions to meet, play board games and share their experiences. We will also do a small art competition with a small prize!

-We will play simple board games and party games.
-We will participate altogether in an art game contest.
-We will share or announce art related projects, ideas or experiences.
-Some of us might choose to draw or only chill.

Drinks will be availiable at the space.
The event is free.
You can bring any board game with you for us to try it out. It should be something easy and simple to explain.

Drawing Cafe [MHAS #26] Coffee & Sketching in Berlin

Needs a location

We meet and sketch each other in Berlin. This is just an art gym that we also exercise our social skills. Afterwards usually we go for lunch as a group.

Note! There is an online event that happens once per month at the same time as this one. In the online events is cohosted by
Drink & Draw Paris

How Does It Work?
This event is simple, we meet and sketch each other doing portraits. Most of the participants use pencils or watercolors. Main aim is to socialize while we draw. There will be plenty of time to talk and get to know each other. We have to mention that this event is suitable for all levels. Many have started to draw in our event actually.

A. Warmup Phase: We pose to each other for 1 minute.
B. Main Phase: We pose to each other for 10 minutes.
C. Showcase Phase: We show some of the drawings we did to each other.

Who We Are
Creative Sessions is an art events group located in Berlin.

Is it Free?
The event is free of charge. Donations are welcome via Eventbrite.

How to donate?
Go to our eventbrite page here
then find this current event on the list. Click on it.
Inside the event's page press the green button "Register". This will show you a window with the Donations Tickets inside. You can type any amount of money there, lets say 5 Euros for example.
Press the red button to check out. It might ask you to create an Eventbrite account or loginby the way.

Our Instagram Profile
Follow us on instagram @icreativesessions
Use the hashtag #icreativesessions on your post description there to find out drawings from the event!

Game Creation Project - artistic video game creation

Needs a location

This is an experimental project, an attempt to bring people together and create a super-mini video game.

The goal of this project is to go through the process of creating a very simple artistic game. Try to bring people together and use all of our skills. The game development will be public. The final published game will be free.

Who can join?
Anyone can be part of this project. You can choose to be only a Playtester, Contributor or Core Member.
We expect that most people will only want to be a contributor, create only a few concept art sketches and thats it. This is absolutely ok!

A project might probably need:
Concept art, Illustrations, 2D animations, Programming, Music sountracks, Sound FX, Writers, UI Design, Socia Media Content Creators, Playtesters...
You might be able to do one or many of these things.

Even if you are not a professional in this field, you can help or even learn.

What will we gain through this project?
We will create cool art, learn how to use various programs and tools and we will learn how to work within a team.
It might be the start of the creation of a game studio. You will meet with creative people with experience and connections in this field.

About the game

  • Unity - to develop it
  • 2D game - but very simple
  • Artistic - so that we can use a lot of illustrators
  • Free - the final game and the process
  • No hard deadlines
  • No pressure or toxicity
  • Main communication via a Discord server

We will meet once a month in person for discussions. Most of the work will be done remotely online. The first part of the game should complete in 4-6 months.

The Project Management will be assigned to the artist Miltos Despoudis.


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Drawing Cafe [MHAS #25] Coffee & Sketching in Berlin

Needs a location

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