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What we’re about


Creator Connect gives every Artist a place to be inspired and create via commission work, while giving “Artees” (individuals or a person that is the source of inspiration to the artist with imagery or a description for inspiration; stimulus; muse.) an opportunity to turn a picture or and idea into a tangible memory for a lifetime.

Creator Connect brings full customization to the world of commission art. Not only by allowing you to chose your artist and the style of art, but size as well as the medium in which its being created on. Each artist has their own profile and portfolio allowing them to showcase their unique talent to the world while giving the Artee a taste of how they like to create. We also provide  direct communication with the artist ensure that you are able to bring you vision to life.

Our goal is to give every artistic talent a platform to create, connect and collaborate at the press of a button. In efforts to encourage innovation and creation our platform provides a simple system that manages the messaging, payment and delivery between Artees and Artist all over the world.  Creator Connect will even make sure that your custom artwork will arrive at your doorstep.