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What we’re about

Welcome to the Cloud Security Alliance - Houston Chapter. Chapter events are held at various locations around Houston on a quarterly basis.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) today has more than 90,000 members and is led by its founding charter members, a broad coalition of industry practitioners, corporations, associations and other key stakeholders.

Our mission within the Houston Chapter is to provide a forum for security and IT practitioners to network, share knowledge, and to advance cloud computing and cloud security methods within our profession.

The Houston Chapter provides education on the uses of Cloud Computing to help secure all other forms of computing. We invite you to join the Houston Chapter of the CSA. 

All chapter events will be posted on this meetup site.

Events are managed by the Chapter Board |

Chapter President: Leo Magallon, CISSP, CISA 


 - Hybrid Cloud Security Implications & Management Considerations

 - Market Issues | Vendor Issues | Gartner Issues (Speed of Change)---too Late, already outdated!

 - Security Eco-Systems (formation and importance of these systems)

 - Security Eco-Systems (data convergence, visibility, analytics, IR/SOC implications)

 - Speed, Automation, Aggregation, and Accuracy: Implications on Threat Management

 - Threat Hunting | Vulnerability Management in the Hybrid Cloud

 - Cloud IAM | Privilege Access Management (PAM)

 - Disaster Recovery As A Service (DRaaS) | IT Resilience

 - Application Security (SDLC) | WAF | Scanning (Testing) Automated/Manual 

 - IT/OT/IOT Convergence