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The Portland CyberSecurity group (PCS) is for anyone interested in learning about latest Cyber Threats, Cyber Threat Intelligence, CyberSecurity opportunities, CyberSecurity start-ups, gaining knowledge in new and emerging CyberSecurity attacks and solutions, best practices, CyberSecurity education, etc. If you are looking for networking, security solutions, reliable CyberSecurity firms that can help with your security needs, or considering a career in CyberSecurity then, this is a group you want to be. All skill levels are welcome.

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Post-Quantum Cryptography

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A sufficiently powerful quantum computer will break our current public key cryptography (e.g. RSA , DSA, ECC, Diffie-Hellman) once it is developed. For this reason, NIST is currently standardizing new post-quantum cryptography: public key cryptography that is resistant to quantum attacks. Following 5 years of scrutiny, in July 2022, NIST selected key-establishment and digital signature algorithms to be standardized. In this talk, we start with the basics of cryptography and quantum computing, describe the NIST competition, introduce the mathematics behind the new forms of cryptography, and discuss why and how organizations should prepare for the quantum threat.

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Emily Stamm has experience in quantum machine learning engineering and consulting, cryptography research and engineering at Allstate, and number theory research with publications. Emily is also passionate about cybersecurity education and awareness, and is the president of CyberSecurity NonProfit (CSNP.org). They cofounded CSNP to provide security educational resources and events, with the purpose of making security more accessible, inclusive, and diverse.



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Practical AI: An Automation Use Cases for the Security Team

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