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Kevin Powell - Stop Over-engineering your CSS

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Kevin Powell - Stop Over-engineering your CSS


+++ Stop Over-engineering your CSS +++ by Kevin Powell +++

Writing CSS can quickly become a battle against the browser, as well as our own code. Maintenance can also be difficult as we layer things on. This talk explores how to work with the browser and use modern CSS to create robust solutions with minimal CSS.

+++ Kevin Powell +++

Kevin Powell is a CSS Evangelist who is passionate about helping front-end developers learn and appreciate CSS. He creates content on various platforms, including YouTube and Twitch, where he shares tips, tricks, tutorials, and live streams related to front-end web development and design.

+++ Zoom Info +++

Meeting ID: 892 1923 7132

Passcode: 654346

When: September 28th, 2023, 7PM CEST / GMT+2

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