Open Design Cape Town workshop

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About the workshop

Open Design Cape Town ( says that design is the unifying thread that links innovation, education and community as the building blocks of a sustainable, inclusive, prosperous society. Front-end development is how we bring to life those designs. Go us! 🙌

We'll be having a workshop-style discussion (in a Lean Coffee ( format (we'll split into groups and build our own agendas for discussion)) where we’ll discover interesting things, get inspired, and see how Front-end developers can change the world. We might even call on Front-end dev’s BFF, User Experience, to help us out.

About you

This workshop is for Front-end Developers of all levels. You won't need to bring your computer. You will need to bring your brain and to be excited about making a difference in the world by making better websites.


Attendees must read and follow our Code of Conduct ( Thanks! :)


Thank you to New Media Labs for providing the venue and snacks. Yay! 🎉