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Front-end Development South Africa (https://fedsa.org) is a registered non-profit organisation.

It serves as an administrative umbrella for various types of projects that advance the sharing of knowledge between practitioner and aspiring practitioner within the industry.

Our hope is that by encouraging South African practitioners to share their experiences more openly and honestly that we'll not only empower their peers, but that we'll also contribute to a richer, more accessible and user-centered web experience for all South Africans.

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Progressive Web Apps in 2021

Online event

In this talk, we will share the experience of building a Progressive Web App for a local municipality in South Africa as their two-way channel to their constituents.

We will share what our priorities were in terms of functionality, what we got done, where we struggled, and hopefully give you an idea of what to expect when you build an app for the real world.

PWA background

The strength of the web has always been its ubiquity. Over the last decade, you could access a webpage from any device that supports even the most rudimentary web browser: from desktop computers to mobile phones, smart fridges and even cars.

However, this ubiquity always came at a cost when compared to native software: limited integration with the underlying operating system and hardware where a said website or web app is executed. Progressive Web Apps are slated to change this dichotomy between the web and native software.

In early 2021 Google announced that PWA's can now be installed from the Play Store indistinguishable from native Android Apps: yet created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Furthermore, the Microsoft Store has been supporting the installation of PWA's as actual software for a couple of years now.

Using the latest web features to bring enhanced capabilities and reliability, Progressive Web Apps allow what you build to be installed by anyone, anywhere, on any device with a single codebase.

🛸 Speakers
👽 JD Bothma is Head of Product at OpenUp, meaning that he helps make sure their product development meets user needs while contributing to the organisational vision, and advocates for Agile to manage risk, communicate effectively, and make continual progress. He was Head of tech for most of the duration of this project. He believes the government belongs to the citizenry and should serve them. So he brings his experience and knowledge of how innovation and development can happen quickly and reliably in the tech industry to see the same efficiencies and improvements in communication and collaboration between the state, civil society and the general public.

👽 Schalk Neethling is the founder of the consultancy Mechanical Ink, which focuses on front-end development, accessibility, open web standards, and performance. While Schalk has experience with some of the popular front-end frameworks, he believes in preferring the open web platform over frameworks, open-source over black boxes, doing meaningful work, being a lifelong learner, and sharing what he learns along the way.

🎥 Do I need a webcam?
We highly encourage everyone to join by means of video (if they are able to). However, you are welcome to just only via audio, or even as a silent spectator if you want! We'll also accept questions in the text chat too!

📡 Will this be shared anywhere?
Yes. We understand that not everyone will be able to attend this specific timeslot, therefore we will also upload a recording of the session on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/FEDSA-community

However, to ensure that your specific questions are answered make sure to join us during the event itself.

📜 Fineprint
FEDSA' Code of Conduct is here: http://fedsa.org/code-of-conduct. We're serious about offering a warm, inclusive, safe space to learn.

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