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What we’re about

We are a Maker Group committed to learning and sharing how to build: Robotics, Electronic projects, Programming, Kinetic Art, 3D printing and more.  We invite all ages to join us as we support each other's building efforts.

 Are you an engineer involved in home brew electronics, computer programming or mechanical engineering? A do-it-yourself enthusiast who regularly attends yearly Maker Faires? Do you share an interest for discussing future technology? Or are you a creative artist who actively trends Instructables, Make, and Hackaday?

Then join Cupertinker Space - We started in Cupertino but now regularly meet in the South Bay. The purpose of this group is to create a haven for a home brew hacker and maker community . Largely inspired by the original 1970's Home Brew Computer Club, Cupertinker Space is an independent group started in 2013 that is looking for individuals of any age with an interest in electronics, computer science, interactive art,technology, and STEAM. 

Note: Cupertinker Hackerspace Community welcomes all makers and hacker enthusiasts from any neighboring cities!

We've presented at Maker Faire since 2013. Our group presents many member projects involving anything from homemade handiworks, big robots, small robots, to DIY electronics to interactive workshops, and our group and audience range from 8-years-old to retired adults. 

Our Group's projects have included Dr. Who Pinball machine, and a Marble Run, a Pineboard Sound Board, Interactive multiple stages of dancing robots, multiple InMoov comedy show, an Arduino / RaspberryPi-driven android, and a Van der Waal Ball that was shocking. 

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