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What we’re about

Introducing a transformative community - a group of like-minded individuals who seek to unlock the true potential of what it means to come home. This social group is a sanctuary for those who yearn for a deeper sense of connection with themselves, their homes and their community, a place where the concept of home transcends the boundaries of a physical dwelling and becomes a state of mind.

Through meaningful discussions, thought-provoking activities, and immersive experiences, this group with the help of some guest experts will guide you on a journey towards discovering the beauty and harmony that lies within your own home. Whether you're a minimalist seeking simplicity, a maximalist seeking abundance, or somewhere in between, this community embraces all lifestyles and encourages personal growth in all forms.

In this community, you'll learn how to create a space that reflects your true essence and brings you joy and peace. You'll connect with others who share your values and aspirations, forming lifelong friendships and a sense of family. You'll discover the power of mindfulness and intention in every aspect of your life, from the way you design your space to the way you interact with the world around you.

Join this transformative community and unlock the secrets of a more beautiful and harmonious way of life. Let your home become your sanctuary, your refuge, your source of inspiration, and your ultimate expression of self.

Event Examples:

  • Design Masterclasses: An opportunity to gleam some inspiration and discover your design personally and voice through design.

  • Guest Speakers: Experts such as organizers, nutritionalist, kitchen designers and more who can provide you with some powerful insights to up the ante in your day to day experience.

  • Design Field Trips: Experience what it's like to gleam some inspiration through some of Vancouvers best showrooms with a designer.

  • Dining Events: Building community is about genuine connection. To stay connected, we will be organizing dining events to allow members to break bread together..