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What we’re about

Curmudgeons of the world Rejoice!

Here, finally, is a place for you.

People are anathema. Who wants to deal with people anyway? Doesn't it make you sick when you see on someone's profile how they "love people"? 

Well, this group is for people who have better things to do with their time. Like brush their teeth. Or polish their shoes. Or curl up with a book. Any book.

We were prompted to start this group after seeing all the nice, warm bleeding-heart types of things that were happening around here. Meetups here and meetups there, meetups meetups everywhere!

I went to a few of these meetups. Worst waste of time imaginable. In one, you sit or lay supine on some used blankets and throws, and there are people sitting or laying all around you. You can't see because the room is entirely dark. Some hairless dude is on a raised dais, moving a wooden ladle round and round a rather large dish, and this is making some preternatural sound that is supposed to bring the shaman out in you. 

In another, only the host shows up and advocates for investing your money (mine in this case) in a business in the business of manufacturing an artificial man-made type of currency in Iceland. Says utility bills are lower over there. No need for cooling. Promised me 70% returns. Yeah. 

In yet another, there is an "art showing" at a local tea joint. The artist is in attendance. Her art adorns the wall. Actually, both walls and the 'meditation' room. There must have been 50 pieces of her art on display. The organizers or her agent (who, by the way, was her fiancee and her manager) must have thought the well-to-do of Bloomfield Hills were going to show up. Instead, they got remnants of Berkeley, Huntington Woods, and Ferndale to come. 

If that is not reason enough for this group, then I don't know what is. You are welcome to join, but don't expect any meetups. If and when we do, you'll be duly notified and expected to come. If you miss a meetup, it's good riddance to you. If you make it, you will enjoy another year's membership in this iconoclastic and exclusive club.

Mk - Curmudgeon in Chief