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What we’re about

We are recreational cyclists (mainly 40 years and up) who like to explore Vancouver and the surrounding regions on our bikes. We are not a mountain bike group, nor a road racing group. Our focus is on having fun, friendly and safe bike rides.  We collect voluntary donations on an annual basis to cover the fees that Meetup charges for access to their platform. You are required to provide a photo of yourself when requesting to join.

In this group you will find many types of rides offered by our volunteer ride leaders. Our rides vary from urban to rural, from pavement to gravel trails, from leisure pace to fast pace, and from a few hours to all day. Our members typically ride hybrids and/or road bikes, and e-bikes are becoming more prevalent as well.

We want members who are interested in actively participating, therefore members may be removed after several months of inactivity or if they "no show" for events.
We encourage members to participate as Event Hosts (volunteer ride leaders) in order to expand the variety and frequency of events.

Please note - our ride leaders are all volunteers, with busy lives outside of this group. We are not professional guides and it is every participant's responsibility to ride safely, follow the rules of the road, and come prepared with the proper equipment.
To be a member of The Vancouver Bicycle Meetup Group, you must accept the Meetup Terms of Service, found here,, please pay close attention to the Release found in section 6.0