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What we’re about

ℹ️ We are a group of naturists age 18-45 promoting clothing-optional recreation and body positive activities in North Carolina & South Carolina.
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## Group Rules


1- Consent is Key
Photography is not allowed unless with expressed permission. No touching, unsolicited comments about someone’s body or sexual advances. Do not ask or DM other community members for lewd requests. Uninvited DMs or Friend Invites are prohibited. Please verify with members before doing so. Violations will not be tolerated.
2- Body Acceptance & Sexuality
We value an open forum to connect with our bodies, sexuality and self-image that is accessible and free of shame for all. Members will limit overt sexual expressions (kissing, flirting, etc) as in any public setting in order to explore new ways of relating through social nudity. We recognize the journey to body acceptance is an individual process and encourage a shared philosophy of body neutrality. Learn more at (
3- Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated
We welcome people of all body types, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and religious preferences. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism, ableism, sexism, sexual harassment, lewd descriptions of bodies and any general disrespect of any kind is strictly prohibited. When in doubt, treat others as THEY would like to be treated.
4- Membership is 18 - 45 years of age
Member's partners and family may attend as guests regardless of age. Events are for adults (18+) but family friendly. If you intend to bring someone under the age of 18 to an event, please notify a group admin prior.
5- We are clothing-optional
We understand newcomers may take a while to adjust and feel comfortable. No pressure! Clothing (including menstruation mgmt & gender affirming items) are always welcome.
6- Privacy & Discretion
Names or identities are not be revealed to anyone outside of the group membership without that person's permission. Please be discreet about group membership. This also applies to online forums.
7- Violations
Any member(s) caught breaking these rules will be dealt with accordingly, depending on the severity of their actions. Violations will be dealt with accordingly. Most things are dealt with via mute, kick or ban. Serious violations such as sexual harassment, saving, screenshotting or sharing photos that are not of yourself will be bannable, reported to Facebook and may be reported to police authorities depending on severity.
8- See something, say something - What to do
If you experience or witness a rule violation, notify an admin ASAP. This can be done through direct message on this site or by emailing Your privacy will be respected.