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You must have heard the phrase “AI is the new electricity!” Similar to how electricity transformed almost every business couple of centuries ago, expect a similar disruption with the ongoing AI wave.

Within AI, one of the most promising and happening area is Deep Learning – a simple, yet powerful technique based upon deep neural networks, that is already transforming the way we live and work. Think Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, customer service bots, recommendation engines……the list goes on. But just like the electricity revolution, impact of AI is expected to be far beyond select few products.

This group will focus on Deep Learning & Neural Networks, with Big Data as the fuel behind. We’ll share ideas and accelerate our leaning on both technology/framework aspects as well as potential business use cases.

Why now? This HBR article addresses well: https://hbr.org/cover-story/2017/07/the-business-of-artificial-intelligence

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