DataOps for AI: How Startups Do Data The Right Way

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If you have been trying to harness the power of data science and machine learning — but, like many teams, struggling to produce results — there’s a secret you are missing out on. All of those models and sophisticated insights require lots of good data, and the best way to get good data quickly is by using DataOps.

What is DataOps? It’s a way of thinking about how an organization deals with data. It’s a set of tools to automate processes and empower individuals. And it’s a new DataOps Engineer role designed to make that thinking real by managing and building those tools.

About the speaker:
Brad Ito ( is the CTO and Co-Founder of Retina AI, a data science company focused on predicting customer purchase behavior. He previously let the technical teams at three other digital marketing startups, has a degree in physics from MIT, and enjoys learning and building new ways for technology to service businesses, and through them, people!