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What we’re about

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Our philosophy is behind every action lies someone trying to meet a need, and that all feelings we have point to met or unmet needs. We believe in universal needs such as the basics of food and water up to needs of connection growth and understanding.
The practice of compassionate communication AKA nonviolent communication was started by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg who was influenced by Carl Rogers. A large part of what we do involves empathy, both giving and receiving.

When you come to group you will get to learn more about what is going on within you and have a chance to learn empathetic listening as well as have a chance to truly be heard. You’ll then learn more theory about NVC either through exercises or reading and discussion.

We meet at a church but although some of our members are Christian, our practice has no set religion. We have had Buddhists, Jews, atheists and more.

(Note: NVC is not for anyone who believes they may be in an abusive relationship and wants to change their abuser or empathize with them, or share NVC with them in an attempt to get them to stop hurting you. However, It can be useful to learn how to leave someone who keeps not honoring your needs for safety and love. This comment is not approved by main NVC practitioners but I feel it is necessary to say as someone who has been in that position and as a psychology graduate)