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What we’re about

Dallas Search & Social Media Marketing Mastermind allows you to join part time and full time Internet entrepreneurs, business owners and experts for monthly meetings and topic presentations in Dallas in order to learn tricks of the trade for success on the web. The purpose is to help you learn how to receive more TRAFFIC, more LEADS, and more SALES via proven methods such as social media marketing, SEO, SEM, blogging, affiliates, content marketing, online advertising, and other methods.

Not a full time entrepreneur, but want to become one? That's what this group is here to teach. You can learn from not only the organizers, but the members of the group in a mastermind-like setting to help you achieve success in whatever online business you may be involved. For the most part, this is a no-pitch group which is here for learning, mentoring, and support. 

Some Words from the New Search & Social Media Marketing Organizer

Hi there. My name is Joe Youngblood and I took over this group from Neil Lemons in late 2017. This meetup is ran by Digital by Dallas (Digital x Dallas / Dx Dallas) a not-for-profit I co-founded in 2015 that holds meetings from time to time at SMU. I currently run a marketing agency full-time (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner) and blog about digital marketing on my website

Why me? What makes me qualified to run a networking group for marketers in the Dallas area?

• I have been building websites and marketing on the web since 1994. 

• Founded a streaming radio station startup in 2004. 

• Founded the world's first high-definition cross-compatible video hosting website for gamers in 2006 (now a billion dollar industry). 

• Volunteered on the board of directors and acted as Vice President of DFWSEM

• Graduated with a bachelor's in marketing from UTA. 

• Have been doing SEO, PPC, and Social Media for decades and have worked in-house, at agencies, and now run a marketing agency I founded. 

• Am a well-known speaker at conferences such as Pubcon, Interactive Strategies, ConfluenceCon, Rocks Digital, and a host of others.

• Guest lecturer at UTD and UTA on marketing topics.

I wouldn't be where I am today and able to live the life I do without access to educational material on marketing and without being able to go to various networking groups and meet other marketers in the area.

My hope for this group is that members are able to build their knowledge, make new valuable connections and friends, and grow their business. To do this we'll be having our own meetups, highlight other good meetups and conferences in the area, and will have small happy hour networking events throughout the Dallas area.


SMU CAPE - We highly recommend SMU CAPE Certification courses in Design, UX, and other subjects.

PR Hunters - A Dallas based SaaS tool that connects journalists and experts via twitter.

GeniusDen - Excellent coworking space in Deep Ellum that hosts events for us some times.

Some Words from the Past Search & Social Media Marketing & Networking Organizer

Hello. My name is Neil Lemons I'm a 30 something guy living in Dallas who has been an Internet Marketing professional & entrepreneur since 2005. I have a day job, my own hyper-local news publishing company, and I am a part time consultant for local companies.

I just took over this group on 5/24/11, which had been around for a year previously with an accumulation of nearly 100 members. I'm very fortunate to have happened upon this opportunity and I won't take this group lightly. I bless the past organizers for their hard work in building up the group.

What Qualifies Me for Running this Group

I'm not here to toot my own horn, but in case you're curious about my credentials for running a group like this out of nowhere, here's a quick breakdown.

I have been involved in Social Media since 2001, networking, promoting and building community on : Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Livejournal, MySpace, Friendster, YouTube, and others.

Over the years, I have written & implemented Internet Marketing strategies for many large, recognizable brands and a variety of small businesses in dozens of verticals.

I have also:

    Taught three classes on Digital Marketing to the Abilene Christian University business school

    Optimized 100s of websites for top ten rankings since 2005

    Written 100s of business blog posts since 2006 (personal blog posts since 2001)

    Managed millions of dollars in pay-per-click advertising since 2005

    Been an Google AdWords Certified Professional since 2007

    Been an elected board member of the DFW Search Engine Marketing Association since 2010

    Mentored dozens of bloggers on SEO, content strategies, and positioning since 2006

    Written for the National Social Media Club blog since 2010

    Received my first affiliate check in 2010

My definition of an entrepreneur is someone who brings massive value to lots of people by synthesizing resources that weren't previously combined to solve problems. My ultimate business goal is to solve problems for at least one million businesses and entrepreneurs via information products, membership sites, and video training courses. These products I plan to create don't exist yet.

My reason for taking over this group is to learn HOW to teach YOU in the best way possible and how to bring to you the MOST VALUE possible in order for myself to grow. I have NOTHING to sell you. I also plan to bring pros with specific knowledge they can share. By far, I am not an expert at all things web. I'm good at finding those that are though.

I'm here to learn to teach, facilitate, and bring value. That's it. Feel free to contact me directly with your questions. I'd love to hear about your business.

Join me and the others in the group, as we all have our own entrepreneurial journeys.

Neil Lemons

Search & Social Media Marketing Mastermind Organizer