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What we’re about

Welcome to a World of E-Commerce Excellence with The Dallas eBaybes & eMales, the original eBay seller's group, since January 4, 2002, founded by Stephanie Inge, adjunct e-commerce professor.

We're not a one-trick-pony and have evolved over the past two decades to cover the most popular online marketplaces, as well as marketing for small business. Be sure to read our entire ABOUT PAGE to learn more.

Step into a vibrant universe of online auction mastery, premier online auction community, and deeply rooted in the heart of Dallas and its surrounding gems. 🌟

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πŸ“Œ Check our Meetup calendar and RSVP to upcoming events.

πŸ“Œ Join us on Facebook for ongoing conversation, get questions answered, get help identifying a treasure you found while out sourcing, and to read important announcements.

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We're not just any, old seller’s group, we're a symphony of success, a fellowship that has evolved over the past two decades into a magnificent multiverse of e-commerce prowess.Β 

Meeting topics include eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, Facebook Marketplace, and so much more – we've got it covered! We also discuss the latest and coolest tools to streamline your small business, as well as social media marketing tips and tricks.

Imagine being a part of the LARGEST and MOST active eBay sellers group not just in Dallas, not just in Texas, but on a global scale? That's us – the ones who set the bar sky-high and continue to soar.🌍

Ready to join our exciting journey? Buckle up, because the ride to greatness is absolutely exciting and our members are warm, inviting, and very knowledgeable. Newbies are always welcome!

Here's a little secret: the β€œPower of groups” isn't just a catchphrase for us – it's the very core of our DNA. Imagine lives transformed, goals achieved, and dreams realized, all fueled by the magic of collective involvement. Our founder, Stephanie Inge, dubbed by her eBay peers, as the 1st Lady of Meetup, and author of the official Meetup Organizer Step-by-Step Success Guide. is a living testament to this philosophy. She's the force behind not one, not two, but three sizzling entrepreneurial, ecommerce-related groups. Convinced yet?

Step into our world of ecommerce and meet new friends and mentors. The clock is ticking, the opportunities are knocking, and the time to shine is NOW!

Get ready to be welcomed with open arms and spirited camaraderie, because you're about to become the freshest star among The Dallas eBaybes and eMales!

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