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What we’re about

A community of crypto citizens of Brussels.

Our goal is to help citizens discover the world of crypto, DAOs, NFTs, DeFI, Web3, etc.

Whether you are totally new to the space or an expert already, or anything in between, join us to meet like minded people who are curious about this new global open infrastructure on top of which new institutions for the 21st century are being built.

Every first Wednesday of the month we host a "Crypto Wednesday" with hands-on workshops to learn about crypto, discussion tables (unconference style) and occasionally presentations. Our current home is the Citizen Corner in Schaerbeek 💚.

Something else you think we should do? Join us and take the lead! We are organizing ourselves as an open DAO that you can join and start contributing to (organizing your own crypto events in Brussels, start crypto projects, etc.). Meet us in person and online in our Discord server (

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