Boston Marathon Preview Run

Needs a location


For those interested in heading to Boston for a preview run, we'll discuss details in this specific Meetup.

Overall plan: drive up on Saturday, evening dinner at location TBD, run Sunday morning, drive back Sunday afternoon/ evening

Getting there: I plan to drive up (from Staten Island) and can fit four passengers in my car. Other options include renting car(s) or Amtrak. Anyone else have a car?

Hotels: Three rooms each with 3 beds (one queen, two full) have been booked here: which is located at mile 25.2. Rooms cost $215 each so fairly inexpensive when split up multiple ways. Headcount will be important so I can reserve rooms based on gender split.

Sunday's run: We'll take the 8:49am train from the Yawkey Station - couple blocks away - to Framingham (arrive 9:30) and run back which is ~18.5 miles. For those looking to go 22+, take the train one more stop to Ashland, follow the access road 1 mile south to Route 135, turn left and follow the route back. Unlike NYC which can be very difficult to 'preview,' Boston runs through a few suburban towns along the way and there will be literally hundreds of people out that day. There will be some intersections to navigate but, generally, you can get into a flow. Sidewalks, wide road shoulders and access roads line most of the course so you should feel safe from vehicles. As for refreshment, it's recommended to bring your own but many running clubs are out there servicing their members with organized stops so, if you need something, you can always stop and ask.

If you plan to attend, please RSVP so we can get a head count. Still lots to figure out - attendees, how folks get there, Sat night dinner, meeting our Boston Whippet friends, etc. - but wanted to put this out there so we can plan ahead. We've done this a couple times in the past so logistics are familiar to some of us. Let me know if you have any questions.