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Join our data community! We love SQL, Analytics, BI, Data Governance and other data topics that can greatly impact our businesses. This isn't a hiking group, nor do we serve beer, although many of us are from the Pacific Northwest and consider ourselves aficionados. We simply love to encourage everybody's journey to master data in their career, and we want to make doing so as enjoyable as nursing your favorite brew at the pub.

Our group is a great place for business professionals, analysts, accountants, even developers new to the data side. Students charting a course for their career will find it valuable, as well as professionals looking to shift their career to focus on data. There are many different paths to become what we call a Business Technologist. We have experienced data professionals who love to attend to share their experience and help the group. Join us to learn, share, level up your career, and make friends.

Our list of topic groups will be growing, including groups that focus on specific industries like Pension Administration, Banking, and others. We keep an eye on the common and emerging business data tools that you should know about, and roughly every 6 months we go back to SQL fundamentals so everybody can refresh and get caught up.

Meetings are online now, every other week at 6pm Pacific. We meet for one hour and afterwards socialize and answer questions. We are considering a new and expanded schedule, so stay tuned. You are free to suggest topics of interest and we may even direct a series of meetings when needed.

Hope to see you there!

Jeff Honsowetz, Retired CPA and Data Enthusiast

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Data Hikers Business Technologist Meetup Online

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No matter your focus in IT, or your experience in the workforce, data literacy speaks volumes on your resume and improves your chances of both landing great jobs and climbing the ladder where you work now. The Business Technologist Meetup is focused on exactly that: Improving data literacy through exploring everyday business data problems.

Learn how to navigate basic, accessible technologies in a hands-on, round-table style environment with both experienced business professionals and those just starting out - from the fundamentals to the details, but always centered on the problems business people work with each day on the job, better preparing you to enter, advance, and master a competitive workforce.

We're outdoor enthusiasts, too, and we always reserve time to catch up on our latest adventures, share pictures and stories, and, if you want, have a drink "together". So brink a beer, your hiking boots, and photos!

Jeff Honsowetz is a rogue CPA turned programmer who founded Interject as a way to solve his own problems working as a Financial Controller. His ability to understand the business user deeply informs his coding acumen.

We'll meet for about an hour every 2 weeks. Homework will be assigned for those that want to expedite their learning opportunity. :)

Don't forget to post on the message board ahead of the meetup with any business challenges you hope to discuss.

5:00 PM: Sign-on, catch up, and network (virtually)
5:15 PM Topic: Continued SQL Approaches
6:00 PM: Q&A and Social, sign-off

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Data Hikers Business Technologist Meetup Online

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