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Welcome to Data Science DMV Meetup group. Our goal is to help connect other like-minded business professionals who are interested in teaching, learning, and sharing their knowledge and understanding of data science to a larger community.

We encourage all members of this group to be pro-active in leading discussions on topics related to data science like machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, big data, and IoT, as well as programming languages such as R, Hadoop, and Python.

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Control Your (Gov)Cloud

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YOU MUST REGISTER AT THIS LINK TO RESERVE A SPOT: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/control-your-gov-cloud-self-service-vms-tickets-110273304422 Webinar Summary With IT becoming more complex it has become more challenging for IT Ops to deploy workloads leaving developers waiting for their resources. Learn how CloudBolt can make you more agile without sacrificing security, control, and cost. In this webinar, we will show you how to easily provision and orchestrate your on-premise and public cloud resources using CloudBolt. About the Presenters Colin Thorp is Director of Federal Sales at CloudBolt Software. Colin's extensive knowledge of CloudBolt is incredibly useful when educating the federal community on how to achieve their hybrid cloud strategy efficiently and compliantly. As a Solutions Engineer at CloudBolt, Guy Francis-Kono's primarily explains how our product operates and provides value to end-users. He does this through product demos, proof-of-concept, support engagements, as well as internal and external training at conferences and meetups. Cheers, Dan Mullaney Head of Demand Generation | http://CloverDX.com [masked]

Building a Highly Secure Amazon S3 Bucket

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TO RESERVE A SPOT, YOU HAVE TO SIGN UP AT THIS LINK (AND NOT JUST ON MEETUP) https://resources.fugue.co/building-a-highly-secure-amazon-s3-bucket-1 You’re invited to a special live Cloud Security Meetup with Fugue co-founder and CTO, Josh Stella that will dig deep into the security of Amazon S3. Amazon S3 security is far more complex than making sure your access policy is set to private. In this session, Josh will dive into the layers of S3 and how malicious actors are circumventing common security steps to extract data without detection. You’ll walk away from this session with a deeper understanding of S3 and how to think critically about cloud security for your specific use cases. Enjoy, Dan Mullaney Head of Demand Generation CloverDX Data Integration / http://CloverDX.com

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Deploying ETL to Cloud

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