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Welcome to Data Science Dojo's Washington DC Meetup group. Our goal is to help connect other like-minded business professionals who are interested in teaching, learning, and sharing their knowledge and understanding of data science to a larger community.

We encourage all members of this group to be pro-active in leading discussions on topics related to data science like machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, big data, and IoT, as well as programming languages such as R, Hadoop, and Python.

Stay tuned to our Meetup calendar for future community events and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @DataScienceDojo. Also, be sure to visit our data science bootcamp ( https://datasciencedojo.com/data-science-bootcamp/ ) for more information about our training.

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Building Data Apps with a Codeless Approach

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Put any kind of analytics solution – from simple ones that just perform basic reporting, to complex ones with sophisticated machine learning models – into the hands of end users with interactive, parameterized data apps.

With KNIME data apps, analytical results can be delivered to any number of users: through a web interface, they can self-sufficiently interact with solutions and gather insights from them, without ever having to check their corresponding underlying workflows.

In this hands-on webinar, we will show you how to create informative data apps using KNIME’s low-code/no-code approach. You will learn how to create interactive data apps using widgets and visualization KNIME nodes, following the low-code/no-code paradigm

From Differences to Success: Unlock the Power of Diversity in Data Science Teams

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This world is becoming a global village where people from different backgrounds like education, age, professions, and personalities work together. Business organizations are all actively exploring business opportunities and are developing human capabilities in leadership to take on this challenge. Leaders are working in diverse teams to deliver on organizational creativity abilities that can give the firm its competitive advantage.

Data scientists with diverse backgrounds bring multiple skills and abilities. When forming a diverse team, individuals face communication barriers due to differences in views and openness in a new culture. Consequently, they categorize themselves into subgroups based on similarities or differences. In this situation, A leader’s emotional intelligence and information elaboration play a vital role in managing all gaps and reshaping groups in a way that leads to the team’s success, which might depend on the nature of the task and the size of the team, etc. EI helps individuals and teams succeed at work. Also, When Individuals see value in diversity they become committed to the team.

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Recommender Systems and its Design (Part 2)

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