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What we’re about

We are the community of Data Scientists and Machine Learning Practitioners based in the Greater Milan area.

When you have a question about a new algorithm, how to build Machine Intelligence or Data products or services, using the right tools, increasing your accuracy, or the latest research and industry news, our members are ready to share their experiences, expertise, and creative ideas.

We are an independent group with the only goal of promoting and pioneering knowledge and innovation of the AI and data-driven revolution in the Italian peninsula and beyond.

We make it easy to get answers to your specific questions, as well as provide unprecedented access to thinkers, influencers, experts, and guides who can help you orienting in a galaxy of methods and technologies.

In a nutshell, Data Science Milan is the go-to place for:

• staying up-to-date with the latest industry news

• learning and sharing knowledge

• openly discuss ideas, solutions, and feedbacks

• connecting to the right peers

• supporting community growth

• building visibility and reputation

We encourage international collaboration, sharing, and open-source tools. The official language of our events, talks, and communication is English. The community is open to professionals, practitioners, geeks, students, researchers, managers, directors, tech specialists, innovators, start-uppers, curious, visionaries, and anyone who really believes in our values.

Everyone who is involved in data science projects or wants to undertake this career is welcome to join. Feel free to submit your talk proposals, initiatives, projects, or topic discussions. 

Please visit our website ( where you can find:

• the slides and recordings of our previous talks as well

• the registration form for our monthly digest

• the invitation link to join the slack group and stay in touch 24/7 with other members