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This meetup is focused on Data Science on AWS as well as open source AI/ML technologies.

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Register for Scale By the Bay to attend the 2021 edition online, October 28–29, covering EU and US timezones! Use the code FREGLY20 for 20% off.


Only a few years ago, at AI By the Bay, we predicted that every application will soon be an AI application. Today this is the case practically everywhere.
On the one hand, we see a broad deployment of AI, and the production issues related to it: reliability, ease of use, integration in the end to end data pipelines.

On the other hand, the high-level question of AI ethics didn’t go anywhere — rather, they are elevated into practical questions of explainability, bias, and AI safety.

Clement Delangue, the founder of Huggingface, keynotes SBTB 2021 on the new approaches to do AI and NLP that both changes the way we do things and makes AI ethics a core part.
Alena Medelyan, the founder of Thematic, another great NLP success story, keynotes on how to do your own AI startup properly.

This year features a strong reproducibility review with the SAME project from Microsoft’s MLOps leader and returning SBTB speaker David Aronchik. Another SBTB and Bay Area AI veteran, Lukas Biewald, is now a founder of Weights and Biases and presents his own Reproducible ML view.

The productization of AI is evident in the rise of platforms and tools around its deployment. Our friends from DVC.org and Iterative.ai enjoy widespread acceptance. With Milecia McGregor we earn how to manage experiments managed with DVC. We see how to build a whole AI platform from scratch. We also see real-world examples of AI.
Databases are at the root of all data, and we have a great review of what works. Uber and Databricks show how SQL is reborn with Spark. Rob Hedgepeth from MariaDB tells us not to call it a SQL comeback. We get to rethink scalable ML with the Spark ecosystem and Adi Polak of Microsoft.
We show how to build and operate AI platforms in excruciating detail, soup to nuts. We build a complete one from scratch with Aporia, packed with tools like DVC, MLflow, and GitHub Actions. We see how to build containerized and serverless ML with NuWorks. We learn from a real-world platform at Workday, a company that returns to share its experience.

We even go into Quantum Machine learning with IBM and AWS. Chris Fregly, the Apache Spark pioneer who built a whole OSS stack and popularized it around the world, and now the O’Reilly author of Data Science on AWS, will show us how Quantum ML works!

NLP is one of our favorite topics, and it is represented in spades — from the Huggingface and Thematic keynotes, to Autodesk talk on Transformers, to Hasktorch deep dive on NLP with Haskell bindings to PyTorch.

Register for Scale By the Bay and join us October 28–29 at https://scale.bythebay.io/register with the code FREGLY20.

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