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If you are working with data in any way and are interested in meeting other data professionals in the South West then please contact us.

We are a group of DBAs, BI professionals and developers from Cornwall, Devon and Somerset who get together in Exeter once a month to talk about anything related to data and databases, . If you live or work in the South West of the UK or are in the area on business or holiday then we’d be happy to see you; scroll down or contact us for details of upcoming meetings.

The group is for anyone working with SQL Server or anyone interested in starting to work with it. You may be a full time DBA or developer or someone looking to understand SQL Server things more clearly or maybe you are the guy that didn’t run fast enough when the last DBA left.

You can find our code of conduct at Code Of Conduct (https://www.meetup.com/data-south-west-uk/pages/31325071/Code_of_Conduct/)

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Zach Stagers - Data Lakehouse Serving Options

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#### Description

The lakehouse design paradigm is becoming more mainstream as tools like Azure Synapse and Databricks make querying lake-based data simple, and bring a huge amount of power. But there is yet to emerge a defacto industry standard in serving a lake-based model to end users, and with a growing number of options it can be difficult make a decision that best fits your scenario.

In this session we will establish a benchmark of what we're looking for in a good data serving layer. We will then review the serving options currently available to evaluate how well they meet our requirements, any additional benefits and some potential pitfalls and things to avoid with each. You will leave the session equipped with everything you need to open up your lake to the wider business and harness the power of the lakehouse model.


### Zach Stagers

Principal Consultant at Advancing Analytics
Zach has well over a decade of experience across a range of industries, currently working as Principal Consultant with Advancing Analytics. Throughout his career, he has implemented a range of analytical platforms from traditional Microsoft Business Intelligence to cutting edge Data Lakehouse platforms, tackling a huge variety of complicated problems. One of Zach's main passions is digging into the hype of new technology to find out what helps to make analytics easier and faster to implement.

Felipe Schneider - DB as code with DBUp

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#### Description

Are you part of a .NET team and facing a hard time keeping changes in all your environments? With DbUp you can transform your DB from scratch every time you want, using a state-based migration approach. In this session, we will talk about DbUp, how to configure and view an example deploying new changes to an existing DB


### Felipe Schneider

Experienced Infrastructure Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in multinational information technology companies. Leadership and Problem-Solving skills.

The main focus on Azure SQL solutions but also skilled in Microsoft infrastructure solutions, Virtualization, Security, and Powershell.

Taiob Ali - Azure SQL Database - Where is my SQL Agent?

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#### Description

You migrate your on-premises SQL Database to the cloud, taking advantage of the PaaS offering of Azure SQL Database. You heard the promise of spinning up databases on-demand and scale up resources during high peak and scale down when not in use. You also want to ensure you perform integrity checks, index defragmentation, and statistics updates when necessary. There is no SQL Agent, so how do you automate your jobs? Do you have time to do this manually each time? No. There are different options available to automate these long-running, manual, error-prone, and frequently repeated tasks to increase efficiency.
In this demo intensive session, I will show you different options on how to automate these tasks. Some of these solutions using on-prem infrastructure or services in Azure are conveniently encapsulated within the common Azure portal experience.

At the end of this session, you will have a solid understanding of how to automate SQL Server Maintenance tasks, including replacing SQL Agent functionality with multiple options.


### Taiob Ali

Microsoft MVP - Data Platform
Microsoft MVP (verified)

Taiob Ali, Microsoft Data Platform MVP, is an accomplished technical leader with a proven record of success. During his last 16 years, he has worked with the Microsoft Data Platform and MongoDB, both on-premises and cloud. His experience includes all three major business sectors: finance, e-commerce, and healthcare.

Taiob is currently working at “GMO LLC” as Database Solutions Manager, focusing on cloud migration, automation, improving, and streamlining operational workflow. He is a regular speaker at local and virtual chapters, Data Saturdays, and Azure conferences. He is a board member of New England SQL Server User Group, founder of 'Database Professionals Virtual Meetup Group', and organizer of Boston SQL Saturday.

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Hamish Watson - KQL - the next query language you need to learn

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