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What we’re about

Databricks Lakehouse in Israel is a community-driven meetup that aims to bring together individuals passionate about big data, data lakes, data warehousing, data engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
Our mission is to provide a platform for data professionals, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects that leverage the power of data to drive innovation.

Our meetups will feature a range of topics such as data engineering, data science, data visualization, and cloud computing, all focusing on how these areas intersect with big data and AI. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels to join us in exploring the latest trends and technologies in data science and machine learning.

Our events aim to facilitate meaningful conversations and connections among community members. Sharing customer success stories and our knowledge and experiences can help each other grow and develop our skills in this exciting field.

Databricks Israel invites you, whether you're a data scientist, engineer, analyst, or just someone interested in the power of data,
The invitation is aimed at everyone, not just databricks customers.

Databricks Lakehouse is the perfect community to join. Join us and enter the exciting world of big data and AI!