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DATACHAIN MASTERCLASS | Learning Hyperledger & Solidity
Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd of June 2018 at La Defense. Attend a Masterclass focused on Hyperledger and Solidity. Learn Solidity — The Ethereum smart contract programming language. Learn the basics of Hyperledger Fabric supported by IBM Bluemix platform for creating permissioned Blockchain Masterclasses focus: - Hyperledger Fabric - Use cases of Hyperledger Fabric - Writing Smart Contract - Coding with Solidity Requirements You should have very basic knowledge of Blockchain You should have very basic knowledge of Computer Science You should have zeal to learn Blockchain & Other Crypto based Technologies Bring own laptop * Free for DATACHAIN DC Contributors & Telegram members: ---------------------------- Cohesive experience continues .... The world is changing at a very high speed. We, the DATACHAIN community, are ahead of the game, as we have the opportunity to build a sustainable future by developing the infrastructure of the Internet of Knowledge. Masterclass Venue The masterclasses will be held at La Defense in BRAINCITIES' own offices, incubated at Wavestone. If you have any questions, concerns or interest in the event or partnering with us on the above opportunity, please contact Kym YEARDLEY [masked] or reach us on Telegram Remember, AI and blockchain are moving fast, so don’t fall behind! Together we can build the perfect infrastructure for a new generation of AI. Don’t miss out! Join the movement and become a contributor. Video of previous event: ---- DATACHAIN Powered and Organized by BRAINCITIES LAB BUILDING THE FIRST SMART DECENTRILISED INFRASTRUCTURE AS A SERVICE FOR THE INTERNET OF KNOWLEDGE HQ : 21, Bvd Haussmann 75009, Paris FR. [masked] UK. [masked] Mob. [masked]


Tour Franklin, 100 Terrasse Boieldieu · Puteaux


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    By 2025, #AI ( will have to process the 165 zetabytes of data generated by #IOT ( and human activities in real time to provide context-aware recommendations. With #DATACHAIN ( @BRAINCITIES ( is building the infrastructure of the required Internet of Value #iov ( #internetofvalue ( #DCTOKEN (

    DATACHAIN initiative is supported by a group of hackers (not crackers), often readers of Hacker News, that meet regularly in Paris to experiment new technologies and discusss topics like Decentralisation, Blockchain, Node.js, token economy, ICO. We share Start-up stories, tricks, ramen restaurants addresses, … you get the idea : whatever might be hot and interesting.

    You can interact with the community in live on Telegram:


    • APRIL, 27-29TH 2018 | DATACHAIN ALPHA
    Development of DATACHAIN ALPHA. Development of accredited Federation object, Development of community and transitory federation object, development of smart consensus and integration of a neural net for consensus automation, Design and development of Data Wallet. Creation of DATACHAIN core contributor community.

    • MAY, 28TH 2018 12PM CET | PRIVATE SALE
    The presale phase of our token sale event starts on May 28th, 2018 at 4PM CET. During this presale a 30% token bonus applies and the minimum purchase amount during this period is 30 ETH.

    • JUNE, 28TH 2018 4PM CET | PRESALE
    The presale phase of our token sale event starts on June 28th, 2018 at 4PM CET. During this presale a 15% token bonus applies and the minimum purchase amount during this period is 10 ETH.

    • JULY, 15TH 2018 12PM CET | AIRDROP
    The community building phase of our token sale event will accelerate on July 15th, 2018 at 4PM CET. During this period 5% token will be distributed to DATACHAIN contributors and to cryptocurrencies early adopters.

    The public sale phase of our token sale event starts on September 27th, 2018 at 4PM CET. During this presale a 30% of Tokens will be sold minimum purchase amount during this period is 1 ETH.

    Release of DATACHAIN BETA integrated platform:
    Federated Decentralised Network of Networks + Smart consensus + Data Wallet.

    In Q1 2019 we will open the first transparent and collaborative lab dedicated to AI, Robotics and Blockchain. We want to ease the collaboration between researchers, corporate and innovators. We want to make this technology accessible to the mainstream. We want none tech people trust in an AI and Data driven future.

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