Apache Spark and Apache Ignite: Where Fast Data Meets the IoT

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Big Data and Cloud Meetup
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Abstract: It is not enough to build a mesh of sensors or embedded devices to obtain more insights about the surrounding environment and optimize your production systems. Usually, your IoT solution needs to be capable of transferring enormous amounts of data to storage or the cloud where the data have to be processed further. Quite often, the processing of the endless streams of data has to be done in real-time so that you can react on the IoT subsystem's state accordingly.

This session will show attendees how to build a Fast Data solution that will receive endless streams from the IoT side and will be capable of processing the streams in real-time using Apache Ignite's cluster resources.

In particular, attendees will learn about data streaming to an Apache Ignite cluster from embedded devices and real-time data processing with Apache Flink.

Speaker bio:

Denis Magda, Product manager at GridGain Systems


The open-source Apache Ignite is a memory-centric data platform that is strongly consistent and highly available with powerful SQL, key-value and processing APIs.

Details here: https://ignite.apache.org/whatisignite (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=pEEcc35imY7Cq0tG1vyTt-2F1n49VLxmLjgEnfc3GGz8A6IOL9MyaysBzx7NcxB39Q_7VgISYgO5J1a-2FxfSySZ9m1ou-2FrWQ9-2FA86CqlLBT0Q1t-2BAIdgcYoHhGg7WBgjVyZ1wIj0y1qgPr6bYgpkJY4-2F3qaWGUBzk9FrpVi6-2FuNSkVx-2BpQokeJMBi07EypB6-2FlBLb0TVCKnyAYeQxuuQGSZMHZVfQrZbFwzzS1cEia5facSR2mPQMoHqCLAZFAdSgCVkBZfpkPPFJUHER9DGmlG8MKONiTRMGxxCET00TLvF4UE-3D)