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Data Science Portugal (DSPT) is an informal community of data science enthusiasts created with the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience in the fields of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and all related fields. Since September 2016, the Data Science Portugal community is building synergies among data passionate people and bridging many cross domain fields and addressing several data science problems.

By the end of 2019 we counted a total of 70 meetups organized in 5 cities (Porto, Aveiro, Braga, Coimbra and Lisbon) and almost 2200 members registered in the community.

In this year we also organized our second big conference: DSPT Day 2019 (https://dsptday.com/dsptday2018/)

In 2020 we’re setting even more challenging objectives, so stay tuned for what’s to come!

Call for proposals: http://bit.ly/DSPTMeetupsCall4Talks (http://bit.ly/DSPTMeetupsCall4Talks )

Files: https://github.com/DataSciencePortugal

Slack: http://bit.ly/DSPTInviteSlack

Site: https://www.datascienceportugal.com

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DSPT#98: Effective Mobile Ads with AI

Needs a location

DSPT is coming back to Lisbon and we are super excited to see you after all this time! We prepared a wonderful meetup for you, great for newbies and seniors alike. To celebrate the return of our Lisbon Meetups join us for an amazing dinner & networking.

In this Meetup at Le Wagon Lisboa we will examine how advertising monetization, driven by a data science approach, works and explore how it can lead to increased game revenue without impacting user retention.

=== SCHEDULE ===

The preliminary agenda for the meetup is the following:
• 18.30h - 19.00h: Welcome and get together
• 19.00h - 19.30h: Talk + Q&A: "Effective Mobile Ads with AI" - Pedro Monteiro & João Satiro
• 19.40h - 19.45h: Group photo
• 19.45h - 20:30h: Breakout Sessions: Networking/Coffee Break
• 20.30h: Closing
• 20.45h: Dinner (Olá Nepal) is optional but it might be an excellent opportunity for networking (register here)

To attend the event, please register here. Make sure to save a place as there are limited seats available.

A special thanks to our Venue partner Le Wagon Lisboa!

See you there!


Abstract: Developing a data-driven strategy capable of monetizing advertising technology at scale can create a financially prospering mobile game.
That strategy, however, cannot propose showing ads too aggressively since it would negatively impact the users’ game experience.
This talk will examine how advertising monetization, driven by a data science approach, works and explore how it can lead to increased game revenue without impacting user retention.

Pedro Monteiro
Pedro is a Senior Data Scientist at Miniclip. He devotes his time researching new machine learning models to provide users with an enhanced game experience. Pedro has also worked at CapGemini in London, creating tools to define their clients’ digital marketing strategy through data mining. Before being a data scientist, he received a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge, since then he hasn’t been able to stop looking for Physics in all data he encounters.

João Satiro
Seven years of professional experience and love for gaming led João Satiro to develop solutions for advertising data products at Miniclip, where he is a Senior Data Scientist.
Before his work at Miniclip, he worked as a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer and Image Processing Engineer in several different industries.
His work mainly focused in developing and deploying machine learning models for use cases such as image segmentation, customer churn prediction, client behaviour clustering or customer purchases prediction, feeding his satisfaction for creating value from data.


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