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What we’re about

Data Science Portugal (DSPT) is an informal community of data science enthusiasts created with the purpose of sharing knowledge and experience in the fields of data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and all related fields. Since September 2016, the Data Science Portugal community is building synergies among data passionate people and bridging many cross domain fields and addressing several data science problems.

By the end of 2019 we counted a total of 70 meetups organized in 5 cities (Porto, Aveiro, Braga, Coimbra and Lisbon) and almost 2200 members registered in the community. 

In this year we also organized our second big conference: DSPT Day 2019

In 2020 we’re setting even more challenging objectives, so stay tuned for what’s to come!

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Upcoming events (4+)

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  • Open data Initiatives. DSPT & DSSG Portugal @ Porto
    UPTEC, Porto
    • Photo of Pedro Araujo
    • Photo of Gil Meiri
    • Photo of Miguel Baptista
    • Photo of Ricardo Vicente
    • Photo of Catarina Amaral
  • Hands-on with LlamaIndex: First Steps for Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)
    University of Aveiro, Aveiro
    • Photo of Daniela Dias
    • Photo of Diogo Ferreira
    • Photo of Mafalda Rodrigues
    • Photo of Rafael Teixeira
    • Photo of Pedro Sobral
  • Data Science Pit Stop @ Braga
    Café-Concerto RUM by Mavy, Braga
    • Photo of DSPT
    • Photo of João Pereira
  • Unleashing Open-Source Potential: LLMs and Real-Time Data Analytics @ Porto
    Critical TechWorks, Porto
    • Photo of Pedro Araujo
    • Photo of Tiago Monteiro
    • Photo of Ricardo Vicente
    • Photo of Catarina Amaral
    • M