DSPT#16 - Data Science Inception: breaking stuff, one window at a time


In a world of information flood, data leakages and natural stupidity overall, a hero rises: Data Science Portugal!

This special edition is powered by Microsoft, embracing Satya Nadella's vision of the wonders of Machine Learning.

Oh great, another AI-first Meetup... wait, this one is the Real Deal™! But you'll need to see it for yourself...

Stay ahead of the competition, strengthen your data skills and meet fellow data natives (scientists, engineers and unicorns overall)! One thing's for sure: you will not be disappointed!

The meetup #16 of Data Science Portugal ( https://www.facebook.com/datascienceportugal ) is going to take place on Tuesday, 7th November, 2017 around 18h30, at Microsoft - Rua do Fogo de Santelmo Lote[masked],[masked] Lisboa.

=========== SCHEDULE =========

The preliminary agenda for the meetup is the following:

• 18:30-19:00: Welcome and get together.

• 19:00-19:30: Talk 1 - "7 Secrets of Effective Data Science in a Business Context" by Rui Carmo - Microsoft.

• 19:40-19:45: Group photo.

• 19:45-20:14: Networking / Coffee Break.

• 20:15-20:45: Talk 2 - "Data Science in the wild - what they don't teach you in books" by Pedro Bizarro - Feedzai.

• 20:55: Closing, hanging out and some beers.

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See you there!


Talk1: 7 Secrets of Effective Data Science in a Business Context


This talk will take hard-earned lessons from field engagements where technology was flawless but people, in a nutshell, screwed up royally, and address how to scale up your data science team and methods in a way that ensures you can go from a simple model that shows promise to a reliable, reproducible process the business that hired you can rely upon. In the process, we will explore essential skills that every data scientist should be aware of and learn to work with alongside.

Short Bio:

Rui Carmo is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft working in the Data & AI domain, with an Information Systems and Computer Engineering degree from IST, a number of faded business and industry certifications and over twenty years’ experience in technology management, large scale distributed systems and operational analytics, both from an implementer and a decision makers’ perspective. He currently spends most of his time doing technology transfer and cloud enablement, and is usually called in to fix stuff someone else designed broken.


Talk2: Data Science in the wild - what they don't teach you in books


Data science and machine learning books focus on statistical analysis, data imputation and cleaning, sampling, feature engineering, overfitting and underfitting, bias and variance, models, and metrics and more. At Feedzai we discovered that all those are the easier tasks and concepts and that there are a few very important things that books don't mention that can affect results dramatically. We summarize our discoveries and share them as lessons for the benefit of others.


Pedro Bizarro is co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Feedzai. Drawing on a history in academia and research, Pedro has turned his technical expertise into entrepreneurial success as he has helped to develop Feedzai’s industry-leading artificial intelligence platform to fight fraud. Pedro has been an official member of the Forbes Technology Council, a visiting professor at Carnegie Mellon University, a Fulbright Fellow, and has worked with CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Pedro holds a Computer Science PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.