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Tuesday Oct 23: Dayton, Ohio EuroGamers (DOE)
Get together with other boardgamers in Dayton to play Eurogames and other similar boardgames. Being late is fine - just let us know in the comments your approximate time of arrival. We are always there until after 10:00+.

Bell, Book, and Comic

458 Patterson Rd. · Dayton, OH

What we're about

(Please note that if you would like to contact an organizer, contact Kay and not Renee. Thanks.)

We are a group of boardgamers who play mostly Euro-style and similar games, and occasionally toss in other fare.

We have some of the classic Euros such as Catan and Carcassonne, but we have also played things like:

and many others. If you have some games of your own, let us know what they are or what you might be interested in playing. If you have never played a Euro, we've got lighter "Gateway games" that make an easy start.


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