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Sycamore State Park Hike - Slow Paced

Sycamore State Park

Time to hike with Mountain Laurel at Sycamore State Park. I will be hiking at a slow pace of about 2.0 to 2.5 mph and we will cover about 8 miles of trails. I have only been to this park once many years ago so it will be fun to explore it again and hope it has improved.

We will be hiking the following trails: The Meadowlark Trail and Heron Run Trail connect the Ghost Hedge and Beech Ridge trails to create approximately 8 miles of hiking opportunities.

Dress for the weather, wear hiking boots or shoes, and bring a snack to eat along the trail. This park allows hunting so please wear bright clothing to be on the safe side. Hope to see you there.

Description of park:
Sycamore State Park lies in the vast fertile till plains of western Ohio in the Wolf Creek Valley. The original forest contained magnificent oaks, walnut, maple, ash, wild cherry and many other tree species. The forest abounded with wild turkey, deer, elk and bison. Long before any permanent settlement was made in the area, its beauty and fertility were well known in the Kentucky settlements and to the people east of the Alleghenies.

By 1880, farm production in the area was greater than anywhere else in Ohio ending the abundance of forest and game. Today, through conservation efforts, the former farmland of the park are now yielding to second-growth forests. The huge sycamore trees lining the banks of Wolf Creek give the park its name. The increasing wildlife population includes red fox, deer, woodchuck, raccoon and coyote in addition to a variety of songbirds and waterfowl. The woodlots and meadows harbor diverse colonies of wildflowers, including spring beauties, wild blue phlox, ironweed and goldenrod.

Carriage Hill MetroPark Hike

Location visible to members

This hike will be moderately brisk/fast (3.5 ) and we will do Orange trail and lake loop to complete 4.1 miles. The trail is all terrain with Prairie and Woods, but mostly flat.

Note: This trail tends to be muddy!

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4:30 (new time) - Hilly Hiking at Hills and Dales

Location visible to members

"From W. Dorothy Lane, take Patterson Blvd north to right on Oak Knoll to quick left on Deep Hollow to left on driveway down to Paw Paw. Google maps doesn't give accurate directions to here."


Taking a nice trail going between two big hills and a few smaller hills in-between at Hills and Dales beginning and ending at the Paw Paw Pavilion.
Will be passing by the parking lot after each loop.
Three loops, both hills three times each - 5.25 miles
Two loops, both hills two times each - 3.5 miles
One loop, both hills one time each - 1.75 miles
Averaging around 3.5 - 3.75 mph. Fast paced walking, I will not be running.


No dogs on this hike.
Do whatever you can or want to do.
It’s good for you.
Keep an eye on this posting for updates if severe weather is threatening.




Huffman Dam/Huffman Prairie Hike

Huffman MetroPark Overlook

Brisk hike over the dam and Huffman Prairie loop. Roundtrip is approximately 5.5 miles. Most of this trek is paved; optional field trail through the prairie.

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