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This meetup is focused on blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) in a general sense. This meetup is technology agnostic. We will present and discuss any technology (Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, Hashgraph, EOS, ULedger, NEO, Sovrin, UPort, etc.). We expect that after some number of months (6-24) that our scope will be too wide and this meetup group will split into tech-specific groups. In the meantime, we are looking for (and therefore creating) a blockchain meetup that meets consistently and compares/contrasts various blockchain technology. We feel that the industry is still too new to focus meetups on a single blockchain technology.

Our meetups have three goals: technical sharing/learning, appropriate use of blockchain, and networking.

We will have a monthly meetup where a specific person/company will present how to technically implement a blockchain technology and/or describe the business problem being solved and why blockchain should be used. Sometimes presentations will be mostly technical, sometimes mostly non-technical, and sometimes a combination of both. If you arrive early or stay late then you also have the opportunity for networking at this monthly meeting.

We will also have a more frequent and moderated “group discussion” meetup. This is your chance to surround yourself with others who are excited about blockchain, want to discuss the latest developments/announcements, share project ideas, have questions to bounce off others, and perhaps experience deeper networking.

Cryptocurriences/tokens can be discussed from the perspective of solving a business problem, but we will seldom, if ever, discuss which tokens to buy, token prices, token mining, etc. We do want to discuss and understand how the platforms underpinning cryptocurriences work, what value they add, which are gaining traction and why, etc. because this type of information can affect many business and technical decisions.

We hope you join us and that you do so on a consistent basis. We encourage you to be bold and present what you are working on and/or what you are thinking about. Don’t be shy because it is still very early days for blockchain. Begin learning and take center stage early.

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