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This Meetup is for fellow backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts to meet and greet while engaging in day hikes, backpacking trips and outdoor adventures with other people in your town. Talk about locations, equipment, recipes, etc., and find people to take trips with. Trips will range from beginner to advanced to accommodate all levels of backpackers/hikers/adventurers and to encourage those who wish to grow with the sport. There is always new gear to discuss, dream about and oogle over so come on down and join in the discussion around the campfire!

We do a wide variety of trips but specialize in unique trips to very special places. Many of our trips have been copied by numerous other meetup groups such as White Oak Canyon in Winter when the Falls are Frozen, Sunrise from Old Rag, Dolly Sods (we replaced all the trail signs) and work with the National Forest Service in maintaining Dolly Sods, Roaring Plains, Seneca Creek, North Fork Mountain Wilderness/Backcountry areas and get use of a cabin or camp for our work trips that make for a fabulous weekend trip! Adventure trips such as Bridge Day (whitewater rafting and hiking on 2 of the finest river gorges in the country), or our Cross Country Ski trips just to name a few you may have seen. So why not join the group that blazes its own trail rather than copies others? From our toughest day hike series across the Catskills, Adirondacks, and Shenadoah or our Presi Traverse the hard way, easy adventure hikes such as Rickett's Glen (best waterfall hike in the Mid-Atlantic), we go from fun to as much as you can handle....and then some! Speaking of fun, Patricia enjoys doing canoe/kayak trips such as Assateague National Seashore, or Jon's Laurel Highlands Trail or Trail Days (biggest hiking festival in the U.S. along with a hike to Mt. Rogers), or Roan Mountain (best Bald trip in the East), and West Rim Trail by Steve, or Pete going backpacking wherever, whenever and as far as he can, just to name a few examples. Yep, we still do the classics, such as Old Rag and other Shenandoah National Park Circuits or local AT hikes, why not since they are close? But like to range from the Smokies to Maine and will even go out West including Alaska or anywhere we can get to! So you will find lots of great outdoor adventures here with some of the best people you will find anywhere...smart, tough, fun-loving, yet safe (we all look out for and help one another). If you need to learn, we will share our knowledge, but hey, hope to learn something from you as well, which is part of the beauty of the group, we are always learning and growing! So you will find lots of good, clean, healthy outdoor fun here, with some of the best people you will run across, all different and unique, but supportive and united in our love of fun, healthy outdoor adventures, so welcome and please join us for an adventure soon and when ready, give back which is all we are doing!

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Dolly Sods/Roaring Plains Trail Maintenance and Party!

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Ok, here is one of our classic annual work trips and party on the mountain in the best Wilderness areas in the Mid-Atlantic! We will head up to Dolly Sods on Friday evening, camp at Laneville Cabin (only 12 people in the cabin on this trip) or camp at Red Creek Campground (3 sites x 6 people each site for 18 people total). The rest will have to backpack into Dolly Sods and set up camp due to new Forest Service rules, and do trail maintenance in Dolly Sods and Roaring Plains for the Monongahela National Forest Service! The trails and views are fabulous and of course we can rendezvous at the Forks and do some swimming and partying if you have enough energy left (or just go to the swimming hole up from the Cabin if you don't)! Summer is a great time to visit the "Sods" as Red Creek will "almost" not freeze you to death when you swim in it! By the end of the weekend you will be able to relive all the great sights and know everything about Dolly Sods, especially how much cooler it is up there in the Summer! The Huckleberries and Blueberries should almost be ready by then as well to enjoy as you walk the trails in the "High Country" and the Rhododendron may still be in bloom as well! We will do our normal feast on the mountain, so the food will be first rate. Saturday/Sunday mornings will be bacon and pancakes and Saturday dinner will be a main course of fried turkey and mashed potatoes, or Chicken and Ribs BBQ, along with a killer dessert! People will need to bring some sides or another dessert or drinks, and everyone needs to help with the cooking and/or cleanup. Normally the food contribution ends up being around $20 per person. You will need to supply lunch on Saturday and Sunday is all. So let's do our annual trail maintenance in Dolly Sods and put in a few new spiffy new trail signs like we did 5 years ago while we are at it and try to fix up Red Creek Trail so people don't keep getting lost coming down it! In the process you will learn all there is to know of one of the finest Wilderness Areas in the United States, while making a few more great friends with great stories to boot! Please be in shape as Dolly Sods can be some of the toughest hiking in the East but we will vary the work crews to suit your fitness level. For the newbies, Laneville Cabin sleeps 12 but many of us prefer to sleep outside in our tents in the summer near Red Creek (and this year will have to backpack up Red Creek). There is a full kitchen with refrigerator, stove, running water/sink and a full bathroom with hot shower, so luxurious for a Wilderness Area! Cabin or tent, the front porch is where we all linger far into the night and one of those memories you will remember for a long time...especially the cool Dolly Sods summer evenings (15-25 degrees less than the DC area)! So for your effort on Saturday you get 2 nights in a well-equipped cabin, give back to a great Wilderness while enjoying the coolest place to be in Summer in our area, help the backpacking and hiking community, and get a great party to boot! Kids and well behaved dogs are welcome, so this is a family event as well. Oh, the pictures you ask? Check out some of the many Hidden Falls, Swimming Holes and Vistas you will get to enjoy as we did in year's past! Pics here: http://www.meetup.com/dc-backpackers/events/13192731/ and here: http://www.meetup.com/dc-backpackers/events/13457820/ So enjoy the pics and get ready for one of our great summer extravaganzas on the mountain, Washington Backpackers Meetup Style in all it's glory! ---------------------------------------------------------- Laneville cabin GPS location:[masked],[masked] Link Google driving direction from Centreville Park&Ride: http://goo.gl/maps/P8QB Map of Dolly Sods and driving directions, information, and wilderness restrictions here: http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5152038.pdf Please print a copy of the map and bring it with you. Weather: http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=39.020266643861994&lon=-79.32609558105469#.UdwOODvQqeR Backpacking: 1. Buck 2. Brian S. 3. Vovan 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Camp 2: 1. 2. 3. Red Creek Campground: 1. Mandy +2 2. 3. Cabin: 1. Linda Lehman 2. Linda's +1 3. Naz 4. Naz's +1 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. To sign up for potluck, please click on link below: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ovqVnZE_cQqf0yrj6qA2BJbfmq8Ne-azQqa4W-xf-wI/edit?usp=sharing

Bike the Western Maryland Rail Trail Loop - 61 miles

Four Locks Parking

This is a two day/one night bike camping trip using the C&O Canal Towpath and the Western Maryland Rail Trail to form a loop. Trail can be rough in spots on the C&O, so 8-10 mph is my usual pace. Itinerary Day 1 - meet at Four Locks parking area (mp 108.8) and bike 30.4 miles on the C&O Canal Towpath to camp at Indigo Neck (mp139.2 ). Optional stop in Hancock for lunch and optional dinner stop at Bill's Place after setting up camp. Day 2 - bike to the Western Maryland Rail Trail and back to the cars. Optional breakfast stop in Hancock. Equipment panniers (or bike trailer) camping equipment bike light bike lock

Monthly Meeting and Happy Hour

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Love outdoor adventures like we do? Well this is your chance to get together and talk about about new and old trips, great new event ideas, who will organize what trip/adventure, gear and anything else we can think of! If people wish, we will conduct a Hiking. So let's get together and add some of that dynamic WB excitement to our weeknights....in town for a change. GB (Gordon Biersch Brewery) has a great selection of fresh brewed beer on tap and selection of wonderful wine and drinks, so let's get together and enjoy the live baseball atmosphere right across the street! Restaurant: Gordon Biersch Brewery Website: http://www.gordonbiersch.com/ (http://www.yelp.com/biz_redir?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.gordonbiersch.com%2Flocations%2Fnavy-yard%2Flargeparties&src_bizid=poslw9_kmoypQTKl9rCRUg&cachebuster=1408637590&s=dfa2bc70323e0d086692ee9bb1f0e39ee56d84c96320d463ffa3b96d905400a9)) Location: 100 M St SE, Washington, DC 20003 b/t S New Jersey Ave & S 1st St Nearest metro: Navy Yard. Telephone: (202)[masked] Review: http://www.yelp.com/biz/gordon-biersch-washington-2 Food photos (click) (http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/gordon-biersch-washington-2?select=IhLKlABdBAT761GiofvNUQ#IhLKlABdBAT761GiofvNUQ)

Backpacking 101 and Gear Swap...3 Hikes Weekend!

Wolf Gap National Recreation Area


This is a 3-for-1 weekend on the mountain! Let's meet at Wolf Gap Campground on Friday night to camp out (with great dutch oven cooking..mmm) then go enjoy 2 great hikes on Saturday, Big Schloss and then Tibbet Knob. If the weather is good, we will do a sunrise and/or sunset hike as well. Backpacking and setting up camp at Big Schloss on Saturday to enjoy sunset/sunrise for those interested is also available as well, so something for everyone! You will learn to camp, backpack, hike and find out why our group enjoys the outdoors together so much! There are great views where we roam, and the camping at Wolf Gap Campground is free! We will leave on Sunday morning and go to Strickler Knob (across the Shenandoah Valley) to enjoy a strenuous hike to another gorgeous view, then compare notes on which view we enjoy the best at an optional post hike meal nearby on the way home! Lastly, since we will be car camping or backpacking close to DC, bring your gear for a Gear Swap. Please use the Comments to post what you may bring or what you are looking for. I am charging $5 to cover chainsaw, and other basic equipment costs to pull this popular event off. Food cost will be additional and will be determined by number of attendees, thanks everyone and look forward to another great event with everyone! Strickler Knob info is here: http://www.hikingupward.com/GWNF/StricklerKnob/ Big Schloss is here: http://www.hikingupward.com/GWNF/BigSchloss/ and Tibbet Knob is here: http://www.hikingupward.com/GWNF/TibbetKnob/ Please print off a copy of each map and trail description and bring it with you in a zip lock bag. So there you go, 3 of the best local hikes and views in our area, close to home and 2 good days and nights of exercise and fun...what more could you look in an end of summer trip?! For those of you wanting to learn more about camping and backpacking, here is your chance with options that make sense for your level as you can beg off once you get tired. This trip was immensely popular last year so sign up early! So let's go have some fun...locally before it cools off too much, so come out and get our bodies and outdoor equipment ready for Fall! Plan on group dinner/breakfast with participants paying their share (budget about $20-25 for group meals/drinks) For a discussion of gear and list of equipment click here: Jim's Backpacking 101: http://www.meetup.com/dc-backpackers/files/ http://www.backpackinglight.com/cgi-bin/backpackinglight/boy_scout_gear_list.html and a gear list here: http://www.backpacking-guide.com/backpacking-checklist.html DIRECTIONS FROM CENTREVILLE, VA HERE: Take Interstate 66 West 42 miles to Interstate 81 South and take it 17 miles South. Leave Interstate 81 at Exit 283, Woodstock, VA 42 (south of Front Royal and North of Edinburg.) Head West on VA 42 South, toward Columbia Furnace. 5.2 miles down VA 42, passing the large gray unmarked turkey processing plant on the left, and a store/gas station on the right, go Right on Union Church Rd., (following the sign towards Wolf Gap and towards St. Luke, on VA 768 to VA 623). Bear Left and go downhill at the church, onto Back Rd. (VA 623 only about half a mile). At the bottom of the hill, just before the bridge, go Right on Wolf Gap Rd. (VA 675). After 2.6 miles, just after a trash dropoff point on your right, turn right to stay on VA 675, Wolf Gap Road. Follow it about 2 miles UP the mountain. This is a narrow, winding section of the road and extra caution is advised. At the high point of the pass, just before you arrive in West Virginia, enter Wolf Gap Recreation Area on your right. I will have some campsites held and also a large group site across the road to the left. GPS COORDINATES: Latitude :[masked] Longitude : [masked] So let's saddle up for our annual great Backpacking 101 up on the mountain close to town!

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Monthly Meeting and Happy Hour

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