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What we’re about

This Meetup is for fellow backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts to meet and greet while engaging in day hikes, backpacking trips and outdoor adventures with other people in your town. Talk about locations, equipment, recipes, etc., and find people to take trips with. Trips will range from beginner to advanced to accommodate all levels of backpackers/hikers/adventurers and to encourage those who wish to grow with the sport. There is always new gear to discuss, dream about and oogle over so come on down and join in the discussion around the campfire!

We do a wide variety of trips but specialize in unique trips to very special places.  Many of our trips have been copied by numerous other meetup groups such as White Oak Canyon in Winter when the Falls are Frozen, Sunrise from Old Rag, Dolly Sods (we replaced all the trail signs) and work with the National Forest Service in maintaining Dolly Sods, Roaring Plains, Seneca Creek, North Fork Mountain Wilderness/Backcountry areas and get use of a cabin or camp for our work trips that make for a fabulous weekend trip! Adventure trips such as Bridge Day (whitewater rafting and hiking on 2 of the finest river gorges in the country), or our Cross Country Ski trips just to name a few you may have seen. So why not join the group that blazes its own trail rather than copies others?  From our toughest day hike series across the Catskills, Adirondacks, and Shenadoah or our Presi Traverse the hard way, easy adventure hikes such as Rickett's Glen (best waterfall hike in the Mid-Atlantic), we go from fun to as much as you can handle....and then some!  Speaking of fun, Patricia enjoys doing canoe/kayak trips such as Assateague National Seashore, or Jon's Laurel Highlands Trail or Trail Days (biggest hiking festival in the U.S. along with a hike to Mt. Rogers), or Roan Mountain (best Bald trip in the East), and West Rim Trail by Steve, or Pete going backpacking wherever, whenever and as far as he can, just to name a few examples.  Yep, we still do the classics, such as Old Rag and other Shenandoah National Park Circuits or local AT hikes, why not since they are close?  But like to range from the Smokies to Maine and will even go out West including Alaska or anywhere we can get to!  So you will find lots of great outdoor adventures here with some of the best people you will find, tough, fun-loving, yet safe (we all look out for and help one another).  If you need to learn, we will share our knowledge, but hey, hope to learn something from you as well, which is part of the beauty of the group, we are always learning and growing!  So you will find lots of good, clean, healthy outdoor fun here, with some of the best people you will run across, all different and unique, but supportive and united in our love of fun, healthy outdoor adventures, so welcome and please join us for an adventure soon and when ready, give back which is all we are doing!

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