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What we’re about

The only meetup group in DC metro area that is building out a massive 12,500 sqft production, education studio and co-working for the other creatives, a few steps at a time.  Think Youtube Spaces. What is needed is a great community.  Join this new group to help.

The blur between film on the big screen vs Youtube, amateur vs pro is becoming more evident today in the world of motion pictures and graphics.  Accessibility has changed the game, supporting production of compelling photography, full length films, shorts, marketing campaigns and other media without the previous expense or expertise.  Why, because of the advent or technology, education, costs and sheer passion to produce great media, media for a new purpose, a new audience.


Not another video and photography meetup group, right?  Absolutely, but there is much more.

This group was created by the founders of Startup Central to explore the fundamentals, best practices and advance techniques of great photography, videography, film making, animation, writing and other motion graphics.  We specifically wanted to focus on how to apply industry standards, tools and techniques to marketing and how Startups/Entrepreneurs can leverage media to tell the story of their ventures and the products that are rendered from their efforts.


We are planning to do this on a full time basis by partnering with a real estate company to build out a one of a kind space for creative agencies, production companies, photographers, videographers, editors, writers, designers, artists and possibly support musicians.

                       Rendering of 7500-8000 sqft co-working/aux studio/event area


We want to build a robust community of creatives, people who are passionate about film, video, television, web, animation, broadcast/streaming, advertising and other multimedia. 

This group will be a resource not only for networking, but education, video production of all kinds, pod casting, discussion of all aspects of the industry, and facilitate community member collaboration. 

Traditional film making, digital videography and photography are synonymous today.  We want to focus on traditional and new applications for these mediums supporting not only the curious, professionals and wannabes - but also support entrepreneurs and startups. So Producers, Directors, Cinematographers, Writers, Editors, Actors, Audio Engineers, Lighting experts, Audio Designers/Engineers, Digital Artists, and Entertainment Lawyers and others are welcome.