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What we’re about

PLEASE NOTE: We do not engage in illegal activities during our Meetups.

With the re-emergence of research into the healing potential of Psychedelic medicines, science is bringing us closer than ever to rewiring the brain, empowering us to break through old habits and patterns and work through and emerge from depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, and childhood trauma.

Our mission is to build a welcoming community around those in pursuit of:

   • conversations exploring consciousness and the expansion thereof through altered states

   • conversations that challenge stigmas around the use of psychedelics as tools for healing and therapy

   • deep bonds with others who seek higher self-awareness

   • helping others realize the incredible potential entheogens offer to humanity

   • the latest and greatest in psychedelic medicine, research, news, and events

Meetups facilitate open discussion with an emphasis on transformational growth supported by clinical research and testimonials.