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What we’re about

DC Media Makers is now an official Adobe user group. We are the preeminent association of filmmakers, videographers, vloggers, bloggers, journalists, entertainers, writers, advocates, multi-media producers, tech enthusiasts, etc. We are dedicated to building local community, education to enhance media literacy, and promoting media production in all its forms. We trade video production knowledge, web production knowledge, teach newcomers how to make media, and share strategies to distribute media online. We feature guest presenters, critiques, and collaborative projects. Whether you are an old pro (-we have members from CNN, NBC, and NPR), an established videoblogger, or someone who wants to jump in but doesn’t know where to start, we welcome your involvement.

DC Media Makers believes peer learning is the best kind of learning, so we encourage you to participate, teach, and learn with us. When it comes to making media, DC Media Makers' preferred MO is "have fun, learn, create, share, repeat." So if you are passionately interested in all things digital (i.e. digital production, online video, podcasts, mobile blogging, screencasting, ...) the group is for you. No matter what your level of experience with digital tech or media, there's a place for you here. Share a favorite online video clip from your personal or professional portfolio or a new editing software or other production tips or a new project idea. Bottom line: DC Media Makers is the 'big tent' for peer learning and promoting digital literacy in DC.